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Friday, December 6, 2013

Waiting is Worse

It's odd but there's a psychology to waiting. The waiting for a punishment is far worse than actually being punished -- at least for mouse.  It's not unusual for Daddy to push a punishment aside for a week or longer when mouse hasn't accrued many demerits.  One week there were only three.  He felt it best to wait.  

The problem is each week that passes mouse seems to become more complacent.  The slipping is slow until it's not.  Then suddenly mouse is veering too far off the path and he'll reel her in.   It's a bit embarrassing that mouse went so far off that she went from 3 demerits to roughly 35 in a short couple weeks.  It's also sad that mouse let it get that bad.  

All day Thursday, mouse was on pins and needles over the whole punishment.  Dinner was ok -- yes mouse went a bit easy with it all.  Roasted chicken parts, salad and veggies.   Not the best meal but mouse was too nervous to focus on anything more involved.  A simple dessert of thawed berries over a smattering of puff pastry.  Really, it doesn't get more stupid than that.  The addition of Mascarpone cheese didn't help it.  

He declined wine, which mouse knew he would anyway but felt it best to offer a glass.  

Daddy was kind enough to allow mouse one glass of wine during dinner but she politely declined it also.  

Soon as the kitchen was tidied, kids settled, and mouse felt like she'd explode from waiting.  Seriously the minutes felt stretched to hours.  

Even when he said it was now time that we went upstairs and watched as mouse stripped off her clothing -- it felt painfully slow.  His words came out in slow motion as he explained the punishment and mouse was already in tears before it began.  Of course she did her very best to explain how she could have done some things completely differently.  

The blows finally fell each one feeling painfully slow and measured, until finally all were finished.  The tears fell, of course as though that could be helped.  

When it was over, the debt paid and the cuddling began then time again sped up; passing quickly until sleep finally came.  


  1. Waiting on something I'm dreading is hard for me too. It feels like pulling off a bandaid really really slow. Plus I always 'overthink' and sometimes make it much worse in my head than it turns out to be.
    Glad it's over for you. Clean slates are always very nice.

  2. Clean slate can be an optimistic moment"

  3. i'm terrible at waiting. well, maybe I've gotten a teeny bit better as there's nothing like waiting for a baby to be born and I've a bit of practice at that. But generally it's difficult not to become a complete basket case because I'm very prone to what I call dentist waiting room syndrome..

    Hard not to panic when you're waiting for something and don't really know the extent of it, all the details etc, you just know enough to get your stomach juices churning...


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