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Thursday, December 5, 2013

From a Heavy Sky

The whole day yesterday mouse struggled to keep the anticipation at bay, and tonight it will be over. The debt paid, as Daddy would say, but it's not easy to wait. Last night, as mouse knelt at his feet, he acknowledged how difficult it must be to wait. How unsettled mouse had to be feeling.

As though he were cat toying with a...

Well, you can imagine the rest. He doesn't take real pleasure in it, punishing mouse, but sees it as a necessary evil. Something about his words made mouse feel the need to pleasure him -- or maybe to occupy herself. To fill her up with him. It made mouse hot and left her wanting.

It also worried her.

Because at the heart of it and to be quite honest she was hoping that if she gave him the most unbelievable pleasure -- he'd simply forget about the impending punishment. In fact she had all worked out in her mind as she lowered her mouth on him. There's something about maybe trying a little too hard. Giving yourself away.

Of course he saw right through it, of course he played down the whole wanton slut sucking thing by calling the effort adequate. Maybe it was only that. He smirked though.

Daddy pulled mouse into his lap, and explained that he knew exactly what mouse was up to and it wasn't the first time she's done this -- and while he enjoyed the effort it's never worked. Did she really expect a different result? Of course, mouse tried to downplay it all -- saying it was more of a distraction and deep down she knew it wouldn't work. Not entirely a lie and probably a bit of both.

Later in our bedroom he wrapped mouse into his arms and listened to her talk about her fears.

Song Selection: Box of Rain; Grateful Dead


  1. Beautiful. I love reading about the connection between you and Daddy. You are a very special couple.



  2. hope today goes by quickly.
    almost see Omega smirk when saying "adequate"
    hugs mouse.

  3. Mh, I know that feeling, it seems almost like a natural need/craving and not really intended to distract him....


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