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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

All is Well

Call off the search parties, I assure all that mouse is fine.  She came down with the same pesky cold the kids and I had the week previous.  Inclement weather also, has rendered a few hiccups.  

While I am certain the readership is more than thrilled to see a post by me,  I remain keenly aware that this will be met with an abrupt, "Is this all?" 

Sin asked a question of Dominants, "What do you like most about your submissive? How about least?"

I rather enjoy everything about mouse.  Her wit, tenacity and willingness to adapt to my moods is beyond pleasing to me.   

The least, I shall leave that to your own imaginations.  


  1. It is nice to see you are aware of her ability to adapt to your moods. I don't think my DH has ever put it into words like that.

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  2. So glad she is ... Sort of ok. I wish health to return to your home. Thanks for sharing a few of the things you like most about your wonderful mouse.


  3. Hope mouse is better soon. Not sure what type of books she likes, but if she hasn't read The girl with the dragon tattoo (thriller) triology by Stieg Larsson i have just finished them and they were brilliant! Definitely recommend them.


  4. Oh, poor mouse for not feeling well.
    Lucky mouse for having you to love her.


  5. I do hope mouse feels better soon and you can all get back to normal xx

  6. Hope mouse feels better soon.

  7. Hope mouse is better soon! We've had the same junk here, passing it around to the children. ((hugs)) to you all.


  8. Best wishes for a speedy return to health and normalcy. Missing Mouse! (Thank you for the post, Omega)

  9. Omega, thank you for the update, I was getting worried!!
    please tell mouse I'm sending hugs and good health vibes her way. ;)
    thank you,


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