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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Little Night Music

The past couple weeks have been interesting around here. First Daddy was feeling unwell, one by one kids followed. Just when mouse thought she'd dodged the bullet, she became ill with same cold. It's not horrible or life threatening like the flu. There was only a couple days of feeling completely miserable, then you start feeling better...then it just hangs there.

Still sneezing, coughing, runny nose and it's just annoying. It's been nearly three weeks now since Daddy had it and he's finally losing the cough. Kids are still sniffling tho and coughing. With a stuffy nose as mouse has had, it makes pleasing Daddy orally difficult.

Friday , however mouse managed to clean the house (which it just needed to be done), Daddy had flowers delivered and gave mouse some candy she loves. For dinner mouse cooked him a favorite meal. We had candles lit throughout the house since it was Shabbat and when that part was more or less over and the meal finished he sat on the sofa. The children were all in bed, and mouse felt this strong urge to kneel at Daddy's feet.

Daddy changed the music to some soft jazz and gave mouse a pat on the head. He unzipped his trousers and mouse began to lick him. With a stuffy, runny nose it wasn't the most sexy thing we've ever done. Yet it added moments of excitement for mouse that she hadn't thought about. When he eventually took hold of her head forcing her down...unable to breathe through her made mouse very wet.

The action stopped before he finished and he moved to take mouse right there on the floor. His body pressing hard against her...

The use continued after we went upstairs, and he bound mouse and caned her bottom, not as a punishment but for his pleasure. After he held mouse as her tears fell, at least there was a reason for her nose to run.

Saturday Daddy decided it was too inclement, to really venture out so we stayed in and even ended up taking a nap before we had to go out. We were invited weeks ago to dinner with some good friends. We showered and got all dressed up. The sitter was on time, Daddy had already arranged dinner.

The dinner wasn't a really formal thing. We all met at a really nice restaurant and spent the next several hours (yeah no kidding) sharing stories, drinks and eating. After dinner we all decided to go see a movie, 12 Years a Slave was still playing at a smaller theater so we went there.

The venue was nice -- one of those old-time movie theaters with loges even and ornately decorated with art deco touches. Thankfully mouse's cough and nose stayed fairly silent during the film, which was intense and at times almost overwhelming to watch. More than a couple times mouse had to just look away.
Someone suggested we stop at a place known for their desserts after the movie, so we went there. Coffee was a huge mistake so late in the evening but somehow couldn't be resisted -- even if it was Irish'd up. Finally we headed home, and mouse was prattling on the whole way -- Daddy said it made the drive go faster.

The rest of the weekend was nice, quiet and lots of time spent in bed for the right reasons!


  1. sounds lovely -- except for the cold. Hope all are feeling well again soon.

  2. Glad to hear your all better than you was, and it clears up completely soon.

    I really want to go and see that film its the last showing at the cinema here on Thursday night, but im not allowed to go, it is i hear meant to be very good.

    The weather is awful here too at the moment, although its not snow its really heavy rain and strong winds, many places flooded.

    But its a great excuse to just hide away in bed!


  3. Glad to know you are all feeling better, and staying in bed for the right reasons :-)

  4. Glad to hear of all the fun. The colds are really lingering this year as well as snow in our area. Seems everyone has a runny nose or cough for weeks on end! Will the snow ever stop either? I don't know. Glad you got out a bit - I'd kill for a babysitter these days so we can have a night alone. :)

  5. I had the same cold it sounds like. I felt so miserable for a few days, but then it just lingered and lingered. I am still coughing.

    Sounds like a lovely V-day celebration though. :)

  6. Glad you're feeling better.


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