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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tomorrow Never Knows

Oh how we do love a theme recently some bloggers mouse follows talked about what we (the collective 'we') isn't what everyone should be doing. Sue over at Voicing the Crone (formally The Heron Clan) wrote beautifully about her mental lists. Tori over at Pain's Pleasure answered a question from a reader if slavery is right for them. Both posts have a common thread of letting go of the preconceived notion of what that consensual thing we do looks like.

Novels would have us mouthing off to our Dominants to receive a harsh punishment or kneeling (nude naturally) by the front door awaiting their arrival. While mouse can't be sure there aren't those who have done those things, by and large they're simply not practical and usually aren't still being done years from now.

Real life is totally messy. Like the time when mouse decided to "surprise" Daddy by kneeling (while wearing stilettos) on rose petals. Real life (at least for mouse) didn't work out the way she imagined it would (not mention Daddy had other ideas anyway).  Sometimes, the fantasy works and it's nice when it happens.  It reminds us how rare those moments are. 

At the top of the page, there are several tabs, one is labeled "Expectations."  It's a primer to that thing we do -- not what everyone should do and certainly not a Master/slave primer because others will have different priorities.  For now these are our priorities or rather mouse's.  These are the things that Daddy wants mouse to focus on as she moves through the day.  

The interesting part of the "Expectations" tab is that only a few are punishable and some are purely wishful thinking on his part.  Sure he wishes mouse would practice more mindfulness, but he hasn't found a way to control if she does or doesn't.  Others are more like rules, especially the ones involving making detailed shopping lists, using reusable bags (which sadly are often neglected) and texting if mouse deviates from the agenda.  It shouldn't be a huge surprise that mouse is most often punished for these things.  

Social expectations are tricky at times but mouse does a fairly good job of staying away from topics that are controversial.  It also depends on what's going on at the time.  When we went out everyone was buzzing about the Olympics -- what team did what..There was quite the debate about US/Canadian Hockey -- not sure how that ended because mouse zoned out long before the discussion ended.

This is our way of maintaining some sense of order from the chaos that's life and only for now.  There's little doubt Daddy will decide when to change them all around again as his needs change or the needs of our family dictate.   In that regard the expectations remain fluid.  

Of course, mouse has her own expectations and many are similar to Daddy's and she struggles at times to meet only one of her own.  If she can meet two or three of them -- it's a really good day.  Sure she would love to smile more easily,  or not feel so much like a nasty bitch.  It's just not simple everyday.  Now if there were only a fix for that. 


  1. mouse,

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Its funny but as i was reading through your tab of expectations, i was for some nodding along because i can identify with them, others i was more "i would not like that at all!" and some i thought how i would like that in my relationship.

    Now at the start of my relationship with the bossman, and if i read it i would have felt inadequate, i more than likely would have come away thinking thats how it should be, i should be more like that!

    it took me a long while to let go of pre-conceived ideas and not to compare, but what i found the hardest was adapting to the reality when it didnt match the fantasies in my head, how i felt it should be wasnt how he expected it to be.

    Now, rather than compare and think i should be and do like xyz, im more adaptable and open to learning from what i read, sometimes there are things i can relate to, make me think on a different perspective etc


  3. this is a beautifully written post mouse - poignant and meaningful - I hope many learn from your subtle wisdom!


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