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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Embracing Quiet

Finally, we're mostly over our colds and there's been lots of sexy fun too, but, oddly mouse hasn't been blogging. Daddy's noticed.

"Mouse I have noted several days have passed since you last journaled."

Sighing softly, "Hasn't it all been done?"

Of course it's not, but for now honestly mouse doesn't know what to write about. It's the ebb and flow and right now, there isn't much flow.

Rest assured we're not giving up; we'll muddle through...for now though mouse just needs to embrace the quiet of her mind and enjoy the total lack of angst. It's really nice when you stop and consider it. It means things are good.


  1. Glad to hear you are all doing better mouse!!


  2. Glad to hear your all feeling much better, for selfish reasons i miss your blogging.

    I know you didnt say your participating in March's question time, but i do have one if you dont mind, which fits in well with your label for this post.

    On many occasions throughout your blog you speak of simply being still, being quiet in your mind, it seems most notably when your in Omega's study is that a place where you are required mostly to be this way?

    but what i really would like to know is how do you get to that place of being still and quite in your mind? i can do this when im in restrictive bondage but otherwise its something i really struggle a terrible fidget and well mind wise im awful for worrying usually about the trivial things, things that really i shouldnt be.

    so have you always found it easy to be still and quiet your mind or has it taken time?


  3. So it sounds like it is happy days for the absence of blogging and that can never be a bad thing ;) ava x

  4. I am glad you are both better. I am glad you are both well.


  5. many hugs. i'm happy for you both. jade

  6. I am so glad for the "good." How really wonderful!


  7. Mouse,

    It's lovely when it's good. And like tori, I realize that you aren't participating in the March month of questions...and it isn't quite a question...but if you are willing to share, I would really love to hear about one of your favourite memories from the "early years" with Omega :)


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