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Sunday, March 9, 2014


We really don't need a special month to answer questions, do we? So it seems the Internet has determined that March is question month and who is mouse to to argue with the Internet? Tori asked about how mouse came to embrace quiet? It certainly isn't part of mouse's nature to embrace the quiet. Or rather it never was before.

Cannot recall for certain if it was in fact last year or perhaps the year before, Daddy became quite annoyed with mouse. It seemed he wanted to read a book, and mouse insisted on attempting to playfully distract him. Talking, making sounds, touching him with her feet or hands -- not willfully but Daddy became rather terse. As mouse recalls he stripped off mouse's clothing, positioned her on the bed, tying her up so she was open but immobile and resting a vibrator against her sex.

At the time mouse recalled she hated him and herself. It's really those moments that mouse's body really betrays her. It was hot and made her excited, something, of course, was not lost on Daddy. Eventually he used her and returned to his book after.

The freedom of the rope was astounding. At first mouse would always struggle against it. Pulling the rope and trying vainly to break free of it. Never happened, but it wasn't for not making an attempt. Then, rather suddenly, mouse's mind would quiet and empty of extraneous thought.

We live in an age of almost constant distractions. Television, cell phones, text messages, games and gadgets are all things we utilize to stay connected, but really they also seem to disconnect us also. How many people do you see walking around with earbuds playing a game while waiting for something else to happen? Honestly, mouse is just as guilty of that -- Daddy noticed it.

Celebrating most weekends Shabbat has helped to slow mouse's mind. Also, Daddy insisted his study be the one place mouse is kept completely still and attentive to his needs, which means sitting quietly and watching. Something that just isn't natural to mouse and has taken years to embrace that special level of boredom.

Oops! Did mouse just write its boring? Yes, yes she did and yes it really is at times. Often, Daddy will offer mouse the opportunity to knit, or some other quiet activity, but it's nearly impossible to just drop everything and see to Daddy's need. Yes, often mouse would mentally lament that she was terribly bored. There were times she even nodded off!

Now, mouse should also mention she did learn how to be discharged at once and ejected from his study. Staring at him. He strongly dislikes it. But that only seemed to work the first few times. Then he began giving mouse instructions or duties. Like fetching him some hot water and lemon, then he would use mouse as a table. It didn't come easy -- in fact mouse felt he was rather mean. Eventually, she saw the wisdom as her mind quieted.

While mouse still writes blog posts in her mind as she cleans, now in Daddy's presence she practices mindfulness and tries to anticipate his needs. As lomg as its not intrusive, it's normally accepted by Daddy.

Another time, Daddy instructed mouse to read a chapter in a book, saying we'd discuss it later. Then he kept mouse busy the whole time. Naturally, mouse got little reading completed and was playfully punished for her "failures." The next day, mouse went into his study to clean and retrieved that book, reading three chapters as the baby napped.

That evening, Daddy repeated the command, to read a chapter, to discuss later and was rather shocked that mouse discussed it rather coherently, escaping punishment all together! The following day the book was gone!

The punishment wasn't really a real punishment, but an excuse to play and use mouse -- something she doesn't mind in the least! All these things, and other things that mouse can't recall right now, really did work to sharpen her focus, while at the same time quieting her thoughts. It's taken mouse probably the whole time we've been together to embrace the quiet and actually enjoy these times. And also would be totally remiss if mouse didn't mention a crying, screaming baby in the house does make you appreciate more often the quiet times.

So, no for mouse embracing quiet hasn't been easy for her, and has probably used up more of Daddy's patience than he'd care to admit.

Thanks Tori for a great question; mouse hopes she's done it justice.


  1. I wish I could say that I read your blog for the right reasons, but quite frankly, I read it for the hot sex. Having said that, I love your writing style, and its always well written and very entertaining. Having said that, here's a question. What is the back story for getting into this whole thing? How did it come up? Signed a perverted fan.

  2. From where I'm standing, you did it plenty of justice.

    And we don't really need a special month, but it is a great excuse!
    Always nice to see you posting.

  3. mouse,

    Thank you for answering the question so well. I hope you do not mind, but I found your description of how Daddy trained you very amusing. He is a smart and patient man.

    Question: Do you have a desire to play in a public setting such as a private party or dungeon?

    Thank you for your answer to tori's question.


  4. Mouse,

    You certainly did it justice. Thank you.

    Who would you want to play the role of you in a movie and who would play Daddy?


  5. Mouse,

    This is such a great post! What I loved most about it, is how that element of playfulness came through so very well. M/s isn't all gloomy and doomy after all :P

  6. thanks for replying mouse,

    in reading this, and this is what i enjoy about your posts, they do give me things to ponder on (ok, maybe overthink) im actually wandering if im quite selfish in this area, even perhaps topping from the bottom.

    Because i know on the times he does expect me to be still and quiet, if im not then the chances are he will bind me with rope which i love, so im doing what he wants but my way...and thats a realisation that doesnt make me feel very good about myself.

    Or he will dismiss me...which i dont like.

    Would Omega answer a question, well i will ask direct as i know you will be approving these comments.

    Would you, please?


    1. Ask your question tori and I will do my best to provide an answer.

    2. Thank you.

      You wrote a post a couple years back (perhaps longer) of when you made the decision to dismantle the bdsm equipment in the basement and the reasons for doing so, you wanted to banish the sadist in you..words to that effect.

      A fair amount of time has passed since then, is it something you think you could go back to? would want to go back to? letting the sadist in you out that is, and does it ever really go away?




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