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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Rare and Different Tune

A friend asked recently, how frustrating would life be without Omega's level of control?

Well, Daddy is the grease in the cogs that keep things running smoothly. Without his control, and maybe mouse's submission it's unlikely we would last. It isn't hard to imagine that we'd both become very annoyed with ourselves and each other. Without actively surrendering to him, mouse would feel adrift and without his control, Daddy just wouldn't be Daddy.

Frequently, more so now than before, mouse works hard at anticipating his needs and makes no excuses for what she does for him.

Beuame asked about a favorite "early" Daddy story and a "perverted fan" wants to know about how the whole blog got started. Well, that's a story mouse has already written about that you can check out here. It includes some early before the blog stuff -- so scroll down to the bottom of the page to begin at the beginning.

An early Daddy story is hard -- there are so many to pick from.  Even before we were together we always seemed to enjoy each other's company.  There was a time mouse dragged him to a Grateful Dead concert.  He'd never been to one and at first grumbled a lot but eventually became intrigued with the whole experience.  He found it odd that when the band began playing their first set, mouse was in no huge hurry to get inside and find a spot on the grass...

No, we milled around the parking lot, talking to other Dead Heads, looking at set lists from the previous nights...Slowly making our way into the venue and there was a lot more stuff being sold inside too.  Even got him to eat a burrito that the health department might have viewed as questionable.   Eventually we went into the place found a good spot on the grass and just listened to the music.  He was bored so mouse went and got him a cocktail for about $11, and he began to unwind.  When the second set got going, tho much to his surprise he really enjoyed it.  

In car, much later, the whole way to drop mouse off,  kept saying how much he enjoyed it and he seemed surprised by it.  


  1. Mouse,

    Terrific story. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thank-you Mouse! I feel like I have been treated :)
    This made me smile so very much.

  3. OK, I might be giggling, just the *tiniest* bit, at the thought of the burrito at a Grateful Dead concert...

    or maybe it's just an allergy sneeze...

  4. Thank you for sharing, Mouse! :) I can actually imagine you two on a concert.

    hugs & kisses,

  5. lol....mouse, I'm finding it hard to imagine Omega at a dead show...just thinking of it makes me smile!! :)


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