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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If the Horse Don't Pull

You got to carry the load

Thank goodness Daddy has a strong back at least most of the time. Yesterday tho, helping mouse, he twisted it wrong. Perfect time for mouse to practice her erotic massage skills.

Really must improve on the erotic part, because Daddy fell fast asleep. Maybe it wss the flexural?



  1. I read this earlier this morning and it struck my sense of humour, and im laughing again now..sorry mouse.

    However, you clearly did a great job of helping him to relax!


  2. Get well soon to Omega!

  3. I'm sure your message was just what he needed. What a wonderful service to him! You are good, miss mouse =)


  4. I would think you did it right if you helped him go to sleep....although I see your point that it must not have been very erotic, lol.

  5. You should get a zillion gold stars for a great post title, Mouse :)
    I hope Omega feels well,, soonest.

  6. Falling asleep, while receiving a massage, is a huge compliment for your massage skills. Seriously!

  7. Well done mouse. I hope Omega recovers quickly.


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