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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's Wrong with That?

The other night, Daddy and mouse were cuddling in bed, his back still bothering him a little but definitely on the mend.  We were talking about a couple we know, how the wife will sneak things behind her husband's back or under his radar...For example, she really wanted a new pair of shoes just bought them and hid them from him for months.  So, months later when he asked if they were new she said she had found them in the closet.  At that point it's technically not a lie but not completely honest either.  

They've been married forever so it's the way they work together that's fascinating to mouse.  Of course, we all know mouse is practically perfect and would NEVER dream of doing anything like that! 

At least that's what she said, "aren't you glad you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff?" 

He snorted and laughed.  

It seems last year, while were on a summer hiatus at the lake, we took a side trip to Las Vegas.  A college buddy was getting married for like the third time and we were invited.  We would be there for a few days -- not too long.  

The last time mouse was there, was several years, when Vegas was going through the "family" entertainment years regaling kids and adults with pirate shows and erupting volcanos nightly.  Really she wasn't too impressed.  For this trip we left the kids at the lake with family, so it was a nice little break from the day to day stuff.  

Anyway the plane touched down at around 9am and by 11am, mouse already had like three margaritas and one free Gin and Tonic.  Vegas was completely different than what she recalled it being like.  

Outside it was an oven.  Just unbearably hot. We attended the wedding, which was nice at the Flamingo in a garden area.  So the Margaritas continued -- cool and refreshing (no not the slurpee kind but on the rocks) because of the heat. 

The bride and groom treated everyone to a Vegas show so after the wedding we all went there.  Daddy bought mouse two more margaritas.  Those drinks were STRONGER than anything she was served in a casino.  Daddy was amused but cut her off from other alcohol.  The show was nice and the cast became part of their wedding experience which is something no one will forget.  How often does a Frank Sinatra sound and look alike serenade you for your first dance?  The Dean Martin look and sound alike bought everyone at our table a free round.  Daddy was convinced the ghost of Dean Martin must have concocted the drinks -- lots of booze with a splash of whatever...

After, a limo the wedding couple rented carried us all to a restaurant.  It was a mexican place as mouse recalls.  Daddy cut mouse off from further imbibing when she whispered loudly she couldn't feel her feet.  But at the dinner when the waitress arrived to take drink orders mouse sobered enough to order herself without slurring another margarita.  Daddy groaned but let it slide.  

He did make certain she ate and really by the time we returned to the hotel, mouse's buzz had dwindled completely.  He stayed up playing craps and let mouse gamble but forbid mouse from drinking anything alcoholic.  After consuming two huge 32oz bottles of water and peeing like 60 million times mouse felt completely normal again.  So when the free drink lady came around....

Ironically that's when she was caught sipping a gin and tonic.  

Daddy was not impressed but said nothing about it then.  We'd been awake for hours and Daddy said it was time to pour mouse into bed.  You'd think after all that alcohol mouse would have had  kick ass hangover...but really she didn't. Sure she slept late but woke up the next morning feeling pretty good...Ready to begin again.  

Daddy spanked mouse over his knee that morning for her binge drinking the previous day.  For even politely ignoring him -- something that he wasn't happy about.  

After that mouse stuck to water -- which was probably better for her anyway.  


  1. I would do that!
    buy the shoes put them in the closet and wait a while! would he notice? I would have to ask.

    thank you for sharing, I laughed through the entire post because it is something that might happen to me!


  2. Mouse, this is so funny! I really don't understand how you could drink so much with so little effect! I obviously haven't got your stamina!
    I think you got off lightly with a spanking, though. I dread to think what I would get if I even managed to drink half that!



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