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Monday, May 5, 2014

Like a Ripple from a Pebble

Daddy takes care of the house, our vehicles things like that -- if something is broken he takes care of it. He can take apart a drain in seconds. He can fix a light switch. Install a dimmer, check the weather stripping. He can repair the garage door or the cabinet that doesn't hang just right. He's also protective of his property, he makes sure the smoke alarms all work. The house has an alarm.

Of course, he also considers mouse his property. Rightfully so, right? He goes out of his way to see to her safety. Not just her safety but the whole family. Recently he asked mouse to meet him downtown for lunch, he arranged to have a car service pick her up since her car is being serviced (nothing wrong with it just the usual stuff being done).

At lunch as she nibbled on the protein salad he ordered for her, he told her to go to the bathroom and remove her nipple rings and give them to him. Odd but mouse complied without much protest. After lunch he handed her an envelope with an address scrawled across it. He said not to open tit until mouse was inside the car and on her way. Oh mouse wasn't in the mood for a game.

After giving the address outside the envelope to the driver, mouse opened the envelope inside was cash, and a note.

My mouse,

Two doors down on your left there is a small sex shop, enter the store and purchase a gel butt plug, a small tube of anal lube and new clover clamps of your choosing. Then walk to the drug store, ask for a key to the ladies room and clean the plug with hand sanitizer, apply the lubricant and insert it. Then apply the clover clamps and return slowly to the car. Have him drive you to the car dealership where the SUV will be ready.

I will see you at home later.

Oh hell, mouse seriously thought. No way! The car stopped in front the address although mouse was totally tempted to have the guy stop like waaaay down the block. The driver knew he was to wait, but still mouse hurried down the street, then realized she went the wrong way and had to double back. Found the sex shop. Two long stores down. Thankfully and took a deep breath before entering. Here's mouse looking like the soccer mom who's just discovered 50 Shades of Gray. With crimson red cheeks mouse blurted out quickly what she needed -- too fast it was barely intelligible. More slowly mouse said what she needed. The person behind the counter sensing novice showed her some good beginner plugs. Knowing more or less what she needed, mouse went for a larger silicone gel kind, grabbed a travel size tube of lube and asked about the clover clamps. The sales person tried to steer mouse back to smaller plug, so she quickly added that she was going to bachelorette party. The clover clamps were in a case. Seriously! So mouse found a pair and just blurted out those.

The sales person wrapped up the purchases.and put them into a shocking red bag, which mouse kinda rolled up and tucked under her arm, in some attempt to maintain some dignity. Inside the drug store mouse asked to use the ladies room, she was given a key -- just like Daddy said. Quickly she rinsed the plug with hand sanitizer and doused it with a bit of lube, tried to relax and slipped it into place. As she was attaching the clover clamps the thought occurred to her she probably should have rinsed it off, before just applying the lube, because the fucker was burning a little.

Again with what was left if her dignity mouse tossed the lube into her purse just as the plug was really starting to burn. After fishing the receipt out of the bag and tossing all the other stuff into the garbage it was burning like a son of a bitch. Why did that tube of lube have red on it...oh her great haste mouse bought lube with cinnamon oil. Fucking brilliant. At least now she knew why it was burning and roughly how long it would last.

As she sat beck into the car mouse's eyes kinda bugged out.

90 minutes later, with a still horribly burning bum mouse was back at home, the SUV home, kids picked up, and she was cooking dinner. Something simple, chicken hind quarters, basted with some sauce, served with some veggies. The meal isn't a favorite of Daddy's but mouse was a teeny bit peeved with him. He came home from work, and mouse handed him his drink and took off his shoes. He was being playful, asking how the shopping trip was.

The "fine" that shot out of mouse's mouth was a little hurried, a little high and tried a little too hard to sound routine. Daddy smirked.

Much later in his study with the door closed, he asked mouse to show him the plug. Interesting color he asked and wanted to know why she chose it. Did they have many other colors he asked. He asked to see clover clamps and remarked they were far too loose and tightened them a lot.

The receipt was on his desk when he asked to see the lube.

After retrieving it from her purse he just let go laughing.

"You bought this?".

"Yes Sir.

He opened the tube placed a dap on his finger and sniffed it. Then he stood and she backed up. He pulled her close, reached up her skirt with that hideous lube touched her sex. Evil bastard.

Then he said for her to get on her knees and suck him. A good exercise to help her focus.


The cinnoman lube was a huge bonus to him as mouse with tears welling, slipped to her knees and began to suck him.

He asked why she bought it....she paused and said she thought it was a travel sized bottle.

Daddy retorted, "Yes becsuse everyone wants a huge bottle of that stuff -- that's supposed to be mixed with regular lube."

Oh fuck mouse thought as she sucked him. It's a lube enhancement -- not actually lube (although super kinky folk wouid use it like that). Not her best effort at sucking him, but eventually he orgasmed. He wouldn't let her wash it off but questioned her on the pain level. The sadistic Dom in him couldn't help but to take notes. How long did it last, how long before it really began burning. When he toyed with the plug earlier he noticed no residual redness or skin irritation.

He removed the plug, and looked closely at her skin.

"Good purchase mouse."


  1. Oh mouse! I have to admit I laughed so much and shared the post with my Sir. He is probably now thinking of some sadistic task for me!

  2. oh dear mouse, cinnamon lube? Yikes!

  3. Sorry i smiled all the way through this post and your misfortune with the 'travel sized' lube.
    What is it with sex shops and bags?! Don't they get subtle!

  4. oh, mouse...
    I am holding my head for you...

  5. Oh, mouse, cinnamon lube? Sorry, but I couldn't help smiling when you described going into a sex shop and making your purchase there

  6. Oh Sweety! I'm so sorry, but I couldn't help the laughter. Not as bad as cinnamon lube enhancer on more delicate parts, but I can commiserate a tiny bit, and say Iced tea with lemon makes my sinus burn when I snort it.


  7. That last part - with the lube - i am sorry...but the rest - the rest is the kind of pushing and challenge i need sometimes - things that are waaayyy outside my easy zone, something i would never choose on my own. I hope the rest was good for you that way.

  8. To All:

    Don't know what it is about sex shops and bags...Seriously?!

    Something waaaay out of the comfort zone but isn't exactly dangerous or illegal can be a huge turn on...

    Thanks for the comments,



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