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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Scratching the Itch

It feels wrong to refer to him as "Daddy" in this post, at least the first part. Sometimes our moods just don't match up. He had a rough day, and told mouse to go upstairs and wait for him. The mood she was in wasn't very good and she hates waiting. It's a struggle.

When Sir came upstairs he slowly removed some of his clothing and told mouse to come to him. When she faced him for a moment and began to walk away, he grabbed her arm, slapped her face and forced her roughly to her knees. Then he fucked her mouth.

After he watched as she readied for bed, oh she was angry with him. He pulled her into bed and we began to talk a little, he was gentle now, tracing her face with a finger, brushing the hair that feel covering her eyes. He cupped her face with his hands and kissed her slowly. He pulled her closer to him, and gently, we continued our conversation.

"What part did you like best?" mouse asked him.

"The part when you walked away. Very sexy mouse." he replied as he toyed with a nipple ring, flicking it with his finger, "You?"


Daddy needed to be cruel and mouse needed sweetness.

It's nice to have balance.


  1. did you just innately know mouse that he needed that outlet, and therefore you gave it to him by acting out? just curious.

    1. It would be great if mouse could say she totally knew. His tipoff was grabbing mouse's arm. Really mouse was super tired that day (allergies are flaring up again).


  2. Mouse,
    Hope you find some relief from those allergies.
    Balance. Yes, the finding and maintaining of it is lovely--even if the moods do not match at first.


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