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Friday, May 23, 2014

Part of Me

And after all that we've been through
I will make it up to you
I promise you
And after all that's been said and done
You're just a part of me I can't let go...

Earlier this week, Sir was searching for his cufflinks and mouse feeling harried, curtly told him, instead of admitting she had no clue where they were, simply suggested that he check his pockets. A reference to the lube incident. It was a moment that mouse wished she could pull the words back into her mouth. It wasn't said to be funny -- it was intentionally provocative. Added to that, she didn't make a list when she dashed off to the market and forgot several things.

Last evening, Sir called her into his study after the kids were all in bed and began going through the demerits -- a lengthy list to be sure. Almost too lengthy but it was all true. Sir has warned mouse numerous times that repeat offenses...well, they're just worth more. He told mouse to remove her clothing as stood and closed the study door. Sir untied the laces of the corset even.

It felt vulnerable, and shameful to be so uncovered -- again something that shouldn't bother mouse in the least but does. Sir instructed mouse on the punishment she would receive and allowed her to pick her poison, as it were. He had her crawl to the wardrobe cabinet, he opened and choose.

There was no way she was picking that evil cane! That could stay there, but she could also hear his foot tapping impatiently waiting for her to decide. When she began to reach for something with her hand, he swatted it away. Take it with your mouth he said. Lovingly, he added.

The flogger mouse would have chosen was hanging and she couldn't begin to reach it with her mouth without standing. The "choices" the leather strap, riding crop or cane on bottom of the cabinet. The riding crop was at an odd angle, so mouse chose the leather strap. But let's be clear, the cane would have been the easiest to grab in that position.

Sir had her lift her breasts and he removed the rings from the nipples. As she held them in offering he struck them with the heavy strap and told her not to make a sound other than counting off the numbers. To suggest it hurt was an understatement. When he finished with them, he had mouse bend to the floor and he used the strap several times against her bottom. The angle made her feel almost like an animal being beaten -- except mouse understood fully the reason why. After he finished Sir spoke again about the expectations mouse knows fully well she is supposed to follow. Sarcasm is fine -- he actually enjoys mouse's sharp tongue at times but she needs to understand her place. He didn't invite her to be held, instead he left her on the floor as she more or less groveled at his feet and quietly wept. He is just as frustrated at times with mouse as she is with herself. Eventually he did gather her into his arms, holding her but he didn't say all was forgiven or that debt was paid or even try harder. 

He just said he understood it hurt. Sir allowed her cry, big tears of remorse and maybe a dash of humiliation thrown in. He let her slip back to her knees and had her kiss the strap and thank him, she also kissed his feet and again thanked him. He didn't put the corset back on her but did allow her dress then he sent to her the kitchen for hot water and lemon. There was this peacefulness that came over mouse as she heated the water.

It's that deep down she gets it and on some level needs it. Accountability? Back inside the study mouse served him and he thanked mouse as he always does. He was returning to work, as mouse knelt down at his feet. The study door was wide open. He told her to put the rings back in her nipples. The breasts were tender from the strap, so it kinda hurt to touch them. Throbbing pains...He said to leave her blouse open. He rather likes it when they become swollen and bruised. He remarked at some point they would redden up nicely. The welts from cane punishment the previous week are still there and added several strapping marks...

While she hates the idea of being punished...she does like the marks...

That's confusing...

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