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Monday, September 22, 2014


There were many times, while we were away during quiet moments that mouse almost instinctively picked up her tablet, forgetting for a moment we had no Internet connection. As evening fell, more than once, mouse mentioned the blog and fellow bloggers to Sir. When we were busy, it was simple to forget it all, but when we weren't...

Sir's solution was anytime mouse mentioned missing the blog or Internet in general Sir redirected her attentions when possible. Sometimes with a generous spank, or oral attention. It, oddly, became a bit of that mouse would think about the blog, and become wet!  Actually not only then, he'd get that glint in his eye and mouse would become wet, when he spanked her...Yeah...Then he began something that has continued...Orgasm control -- Omega style.

He doesn't restrict orgasms, really, he just doesn't give opportunity for one -- it takes mouse a long time to ramp up to a nice big orgasm -- well in the beginning it did.  Sir's response was to keep mouse feeling a bit sexually needy. Not really unsatisfied but he controlled how he used her -- Objectifying her a little.  It also didn't help it's summer and while mouse loves it when he lays all over her in the cooler months and gravitates toward him, when it's warm like during the summer we're both more or less, "stay on your own side of the bed."

Until at least, the air in the room cools and we begin to migrate or like magnets that have switched their polarity from repel to attract.  Still at the height of summer, we would wake on opposite sides of the bed and often he'd tease mouse as she pleasured him orally.  Sure there were smallish orgasms, peppered throughout the summer months, but they remained few enough that she felt sexy all the time.  When mouse feels sexy -- she's softer, gentler, maybe more feminine feeling.

This also brought him opportunities for punishment.  Now, lets be clear it wasn't a "real punishment" but he doesn't need a excuse of mouse being bad to punish her either.  One morning, mouse woke up touching herself down there and was caught by Sir in a "What are you doing?" moment.  He was amused but punished mouse by binding her hands together for the next several nights.  That just increased the need mouse felt.  A few weeks later, he woke to find mouse attempting to hump his leg.  Just to hit that area just right.  Like an itch needing a scratch.  On occasion he would give mouse a minute or two to touch herself or debauch herself on the gear shift of the SUV and then he'd make her lick it clean afterward.  When the orgasm was finally allowed -- the intensity was a huge wave and amazing. To be honest, mouse would rather have ONE super amazing squirty orgasm a month, than many 'meh' orgasms.  Ok, maybe more than one a month but that's not really the point.  The orgasms during subspace are intoxicating to mouse when her mind is set free and her body just responds to a word or touch and everything feels ah so supercharged and electric.  The blend of pain and pleasure is almost too much to handle and the orgasms just fall out in wave after wave.  

Shifting sands dictated that Sir must travel a bit for work so again she feels adrift.  The latest expectation (being completely enforced) is that mouse isn't allowed to touch toys without permission and he's already said permission will NOT be granted until the day he returns -- so don't bother asking.  No plug, nothing during that time.  He does expect mouse to enema on the day he returns and insert a plug then.   

Yesterday, as he packed for his trip, mouse watched feeling unsettled and yes, a bit sorry for herself. This wasn't fair for him to leave behind a pouty wife and mouse tried to pull up the big girl panties but just couldn't. Sir took out the cane and made mouse kiss it. Then he gave her several stripes across her backside and thighs -- yes she cried, bit down, surrendered, after he used mouse as his cherished object and the orgasm just exploded within her. Then he whispered into her ear that he'll be back before the marks have faded.


  1. Sorry your Sir has to leave mouse, but glad he left you some marks to admire.

  2. That was so hot mouse, about the marks, and he'd be back before they fade.


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