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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thanks to Tori

Thanks to tori for asking some great questions in our last post.  We've always kinda prided ourselves on being a blog that's more or less safe for work.   Meaning you can open the page and know you're not going to be smacked in the face with something BDSM-y.

Tori asked about enemas and plugs and as mouse pondered a reply she realized it could make a blog post.  The problem was finding an image -- who wants to see an enema bag or butt plug? So, mouse went with daisies -- such pretty, happy flowers.

To answer, Omega requires enemas now about once a week -- sometimes twice. Sometimes he'll watch as mouse does it, other times he won't.  Rarely does he do it to mouse himself.  He will if it is part of a scene or the evening's play.  Over the summer we went from daily enemas, to a couple times a week to eventually weekly.  Most times he'd send mouse off to do it alone, other times he'd watch. The plugs however were worn often during the summer, usually Sir required it when we were most busy, as it has a calming effect on mouse.  As summer wore on, he began to scale back the times she wore one.  Since she's not allowed to touch any toys while he's away, when he returned to work mouse had to wait the week until he returned -- unless he'd given his blessing in advance.  Sir made it a quick rule that mouse couldn't ask him about it -- if he mentioned it, then fine but she wasn't allowed to ask him about it.  

Usually he'd tell her to wear it on the day he departed, then after a few hours he instructed mouse to remove, wash and stow it away until the day he returned.  To be honest, at first mouse was a little put off by it.  As time passed tho, she became more comfortable with the idea -- because it's under his control and not hers.  

That leads to the natural discussion about control and who really has it.  If the slave always gets her way, then is the Master really in control or is that control just an illusion?  That's the rub with M/s, when the control isn't about what mouse wants or what even makes sense to her, but what Sir prefers.  That's really when she knows full well about the choice she's made to give up control to him, because she feels it completely and that in and of itself is a great comfort to her. 

And from this point it probably just gets more confusing.  So, let's just look at the daisy at the top of the page and smile.  Just a final note, yes mouse wrote this Tuesday evening and scheduled it for Wednesday morning...We'll see how this goes.  


  1. Very much enjoyed your post and flowers! Though I don't read these outside of home, so I don't mind enema or butt plug pictures!

  2. Thank you mouse, i know you have said previously you dont mind but i am concious that i might ask questions that perhaps might make you feel uncomfortable at times, or you simply would rather not go into detail about.

    I think i would feel differently about enemas if i was able to do them myself, alone, but thats never been an option, i think the fact that i find it humiliating having it done and being watched as its expelled (yuck) is why he does it, that he enjoys my discomfort....hmm perhaps i should try a bit of reverse psychology lol


  3. I like the last two paragraphs especially - i get all tangled up in the words and the semantics - who really has the control? For whom is all this being done? Etc... Then he tells me to shut up and that he will arrange things the way he wants - i shouldn't worry about it. Or - i should just watch the pretty flowers..... It's great to read your contentment.


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