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Monday, September 8, 2014

Settling into a New Routine

Life is always about change. Sometimes it's huge, other times it's subtle. We had a pretty good routine but then it had to change. Now, it's different somewhat. In the morning mouse wakes Sir, a bit earlier as his work schedule has changed. He's returned to picking out some of mouse's clothing and still forbids her from touching the strings of the corset on the days she wears one. The days she doesn't Sir expects mouse to do some exercise, but each day mouse does some form of exercise.

The day is often like a blur, in fact right now there's a sink full of dirty dishes that mouse doesn't want to leave for the housekeeper who will be here soon. More pressing is the plug mouse really needs to insert that's laying on the counter in our bathroom.

All better now, the dishes are stashed away in the dishwasher and the plug is stashed away inside mouse. It's comforting when its inserted and the warm feelings of submission penetrate her. Penetrate seems like an odd word -- but appropriate. Sir still arranges most of mouse's day, but sends that information directly to her phone via an app. He can also look over the shopping list, removing items or adding them. When a task is completed he can see the time it was completed. He likes it, but mouse somewhat misses the printed sheets of paper...sure this is more "green" certainly is easier on him. But she recalls fondly the days when the notes were actually handwritten by him. ...Something is lost when something's gained...and each of those silly things were saved.

The mornings are a bit busy now, so the one issue is finding time to blog.



  1. When the bossman first introduced that i had to have a plug inserted twice a day for 25 mins each time, i was not impressed, but now a year or so on, the times that i have not been able to i have missed it, it is in an odd, cant explain why reason...comforting.

    I was meaning to ask on your last post mouse, when you mentioned enemas (i hate them, ok maybe not hate, but intensely dislike!) do you do them yourself or does Omega?

    Perhaps setting aside some time in the evening to blog would be easier mouse, when the children are settled?


  2. Hi! I am just now trying to get myself back into reading and writing. I'm so glad you're back. I hope your summer went well. What app does he use? Sir has taken to giving me lists and I truly love them.


  3. It is nice to see you both back. I've deeply missed your blog posts. They've helped me in numerous ways and I am glad that all is well with yourself and Omega. I look forward to future posts.

  4. oh mouse, I saved every note H wrote as well...even the illegible ones. lol.

  5. When schedules change one of the first things to go for me is the blog. But eventually I find a new place for it, as I like it and miss it when I can't blog.



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