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Monday, October 20, 2014


Daddy called mouse to her knees, her body still wet from the shower. He placed around her neck a collar with a chain attached. The rings through her nipples were attached to the collar, which if mouse moved her head a certain way, pulled horribly. He was amused at mouse's discomfort and tugged at the rings. Then he forced her to her knees and stuffed himself into her mouth, bending her head backward. Oh the pain was intense but honestly delicious.

He was kind enough to withdraw, and removed the chain from the rings, before returning mouse to task and a good mouth fucking he wanted her to endure. When he finished he wiped himself on her face and forbid her to move. He returned with the cane, bending mouse over the chaise and went to work on her rear. Then he chained mouse to the chaise as he went to work on the soft area all drippy with some serious need.

Daddy worked the area between her legs bringing her to orgasm, drawing many thank you's from mouse. Then he said something but mouse was too foggy and didn't hear him, soon she was asleep. When she woke, her arms were cuffed. Legs splayed open, with him touching and licking her down there. As she writhed, he bit her, not hard but in a getting attention kind of way. Whimpers came from her as she edged closer. Then he stopped. The neediness mouse felt was huge and just wanted him to fuck her.

He moved around slowly and she felt something tugging and her legs being secured. He's awful sometimes and loves to edge mouse without really allowing her to orgasm. When she did finally he clucked that she'd now need to be corrected. Pegs came out on her breasts and other tender areas. With a sharp pull, her legs went up. He spanked her bottom red, while she moaned. He still forbid her to orgasm, even as he continued to edge her endlessly until mouse finally slipped into subspace.

Then he stepped up his own brand of torture. Much later mouse felt herself coming back to him, ironically it was as he was fucking her. A while later, he repeated things that mouse kind of recalled but didn't realize she agreed to not orgasm without permission for the next four weeks. Yes, mouse blinked.

A month without orgasm? He never does that.

And why the hell is it, the moment he says you can't, all mouse wants is to have one? Seriously mouse can go weeks without giving the idea of orgasm a thought. He's never selfish about it. Except when Daddy wants to be like now.

The moment he says, "no you cannot have one," it's the only thing mouse can think about?

Did mouse mention he's taking notes about this? And Daddy wants mouse to discuss her thoughts here?

Did mouse mention this is one of those times she hates him just a little?



  1. that sounds deliciously cruel mouse, was smiling the whole time I read about it.
    monkey girl

  2. The moment he says, "no you cannot have one," it's the only thing mouse can think about?

    Nodding along. Yup, yup, me too.


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