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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whispers of Quiet Conversation

There are countless posts where mouse has mentioned Daddy saying, "I understand" and it ends up being a conversation stopper.  Anything else mouse would say would just be repeating herself, leaving him to repeat that he understands and on and on.  It's something that we do almost without thinking about, so when mouse does sit and ponder it, it's kind of odd.  

For example, recently at a cocktail party, we arrived at the appointed time Daddy took mouse's coat, as is our custom.  He asked simply if mouse wanted a drink (he believes it's the man's responsibility to wait in the drink line) and mouse replied with, "Only if you do." Meaning yes, she would like a cocktail (it had been a super long day).  If for some reason she didn't want one, she would reply, "not unless you do."  It seems silly to word things that way, but mouse does try to keep to her ambiguous way of speaking in public settings.  

It's a way of pushing mouse out of the conversation and inserting something or someone else into it.  An example might be, if someone mentions a fabulous vacation, mouse might mention someone else who has traveled to same spot but never herself or directly.  It might be "we have plans to visit" or "Omega isn't fond of that area."  

The party we attended had a sort of buffet set up, with various finger foods, cheeses, crackers and the like.  While Daddy waited for drinks mouse gathered some tasty bits of foods he'd enjoy before circulating and making the requisite small talk that always happens.  Often we end up separated during these parties unless Daddy has fear of becoming bored and wants mouse close by him.   His code for "It's time to move on" is looking to mouse and saying, "Dear, you must incredibly bored by this conversation." 

Make no mistake it means he's bored.  

But mouse demurs, smiles in that shy way and we move on.   If mouse is actively engaged in a conversation about window coverings (for example) he'll just move on but if mouse shows the slightest disinterest by tilting her head a certain way and gazing up toward the ceiling Daddy will often rescue her.  

Oddly we can't explain how this all began, probably years ago when we worked together and mouse found him cornered and rescued him.  

Going back to the beginning and the 'only if you do" or however mouse words it at that moment, it probably is best to also say that mouse is a consensual slave to him, and makes no demand.   The decision if she has a cocktail is up to him to decide and it's just a sly way of letting him know that it's preferred.  

If there aren't any foods that mouse knows that Daddy would like, she will simply ask him if he tried the bacon-wrapped shrimp (or something else he's sure to dislike).  This way we're not embarrassing the host or hostess.  Daddy will cull the alcohol, we'll eat a few crackers and depart early.  Same is said if mouse returns with just some various cheeses.  Sometimes the party itself is fine but the food offerings are less than stellar.  In that case he'll cut out the alcohol, switching to water and we'll just mingle for a while.  


  1. I love that you guys have a D/s coded way of speaking. And another code for if you don't like the food. Critiquing someone else's food is the best way to ruin any interaction with them.

  2. Thanks! Aurora. Might be a blog post in this...because mouse was going to write a lot about food at dinner parties..:D



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