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Friday, October 24, 2014

Cruel to be Kind

Last evening, surprisingly mouse had few demerits, so Daddy decided to forgo punishment. Instead, he used the time to toy with mouse. Ramping her up, until she was ready to burst and then abruptly stopped the play saying she had enough. Noooooooo! Ok, she was a little too loud in her lamenting about him being mean. He told her to go read.

He removed all the Jane Austen, Christopher Hitchens and replaced them with trashy, sexy stories on her reader. He knows mouse gets off on words way more than a visual will do. It was cruel of him. Later on in bed he decided because mouse couldn't be trusted, to cuff her wrists. It's all making mouse crazy and she's constantly aroused. The frustration comes out. First the slut, then the frustration.

Daddy likes it when mouse becomes completely slutty. Especially if it involves her crawling toward him. Usually. But this time, he patted her head and gave her a task. Later mouse tried again, clearly obsessed. Again, he rebuffed the advance. A nice swat on her backside warned and thwarted other advances from mouse. At bedtime, Daddy kept mouse nude, pulled her into bed, up on her knees, grabbing a fistful of hair, he took her from behind. After he cuffed her wrists and looped some rope which he held onto.

Now, for some odd reason mouse actually liked the idea of that, being really tied to him. Physically bound and despite feeling frustrated, mouse slept wonderfully. It makes mouse wonder a little, what this weekend will bring?



  1. ooo, I feel for you. I'm am frustrated on edge today, after last night.. and this morning... so insatiable.

  2. Honestly, the moment they say "no" it's like flipping a switch in our brains.


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