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Monday, October 27, 2014


After a few nights of some very dirty dreams featuring mouse being spanked during a fancy dinner party Daddy became completely unhinged with mouse. He pulled her into the house, pushed her into his study, whipped off his belt and beat mouse's ass red. After the very rough fuck across the desk, mouse orgasmed. A huge squirty orgasm that after she stopped panting led mouse to say, whoops.

Daddy was amused truly but again clucked that mouse was in deep trouble, while remarking about the mess on his desk. No, he didn't allow a towel. It was so damn hot, being used this way, with him being all forceful making mouse lick the mess off the desk. It was somewhere during that, mouse woke up. Yes, it was all a wonderful dream and what can only be described as a Wizard of Oz moment (and you were there) mouse recounted the dream within the dream. It's weird when your dreams begin with you recounting a dream.

Daddy kissed mouse, the kiss totally unexpected and disarming, if he were wearing a belt, he would have taken if off. We had incredible weak-kneed sex, that was just amazing and he allowed mouse to orgasm. And a wonderful way to begin the day.



  1. What a great dream! I can't remember mine now, but nothing that good!
    I did get beat with the belt Saturday night though.

  2. I sometimes have nested dreams where I 'wake' up two or sometimes three times until really awake. They weren't as great as your dream though... how amazing for you.

    1. Usually they're not that good...usually mouse can't really recall her dreams in any detail. Usually the ones mouse does remember are more disturbing.

      Honestly mouse doesn't mind a good belting :)


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