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Monday, October 13, 2014


Daddy always warns mouse not to watch intense or scary shows in a rapid fire order. The reason is after watching so many shows, mouse begins to dream about it. This has happened countless times. When mouse went on a Sopranos bender a year or so ago, watching all six seasons in rather quick succession and within a day or so the dreams began. Odd dreams.

Then there was another time mouse became hooked on Lost (which is available on Netflix streaming). Cannot begin to explain the weird sideways dreams mouse has had. Some shows like American Horror Story, Daddy put his foot down refusing to let mouse watch any of it that way. Recently a friend mentioned they started watching The Following, which mouse watched in quick succession, and ended up having dreams about cult members. Watching Mad Men though led to some very sexy dreams.

Then there's The Walking Dead, a show mouse hasn't ever watched. Until now and it's super intense, gross and scary, like mouse has jumped a few times. Then the nightmares began, which also somehow got twisted into something devilishly kinky. Yes, only mouse can do that! But that show had been placed on the back burner.
  • Well, there's always plenty of books to read, quite frankly too many of those of late. Still about half way through Victorian guides to managing maids and servants (no, there's no spanking mentioned).
  • Then there is this book, Daddy asked mouse to read when she has the time and it's written by reader of our blog! It's a collection of short kinky stories, written for her Master. It's not very expensive to purchase and it would help the writer through a difficult time.
  • Then there's several free etiquette books mouse is forever reading and rereading. It's what also sparked Interest in the whole Victorian maid, butler thing...because, what exactly does a footman do anyway?
  • Finally, Fiona asked Daddy in an email about the App we use to coordinate to do lists. It's the reminder app bundled into our iOS and came with his laptop, which is now linked to mouse's phone, iPad, with his computer and his phone. It doesn't always update really well, there has been times where mouse has looked, saw nothing and closed the app, thinking nothing new. Later mouse opens it again, it's loaded with stuff.


  1. P and I did a Game of Thrones bender over the summer. I've always been a vivid dreamer, and P remembers none of his. Needless to say, GoT did give me quite exotic dreams, but no nightmares. Years ago, watching Twin Peaks triggered quite bad nightmares and I've banned myself from watching repeats. Just too weird.
    I hope your dreams remain sweet.

  2. I really enjoyed The Following and MadMen, love The Walking Dead, i dont tend to dream much, but on the times i do they are ones that have me waking up because they are so very real., and they are usually more on the nightmare side.

    Thinking of etiquette, have you seen Downton Abby the tv series, i love that, i know its only fiction but i find it so interesting to think how people lived that way in terms of etiquette, in some ways i think its a same some of those older traditions have been lost.


  3. What made you decide to give The Walking Dead a try? It is pretty violent and gory (and I love it!)... I also can't watch American Horror Story... it creeps me out...

  4. I too tend to take what I've been watching and let my dreams / sometimes horrific nightmares run wild. Especially true of this past week. Sir doesn't recall dreaming, but I often recall in vivid detail.
    I'd like to express my appreciation to mouse and Omega for this blog. Truly insightful and a real pleasure to read.


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