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Monday, October 6, 2014

Everybody's Talkin'

"mouse has no opinion of politics, religion and will ask Master for his thoughts before accepting the thoughts of others."

Could you elaborate on this, please? Particularly the "accepting the thoughts of others" bit. It initially reads something like "if someone gives me their opinion on one of these subjects , or tells me something about a religious or political group, I can't accept it without Master's permission". And that confuses me because you can accept that a person has a certain view without adopting that view yourself.

Or do you mean that if they offer to share their views with you, you cannot accept their offer without checking first?

Awesome question.

This was one of those things Daddy used to stem mouse from running her mouth at social events. Many times, quite honestly mouse has very strong views about varied topics. More often than not, people just repeat things they've heard (which are sometimes wrong). To keep mouse from embarrassing herself or him (accidentally of course).he made this suggestion as a way to remind mouse her place.

Also, it's probably worth noting that when this came about. The US was in the midst of a presidential election, so opinions were flying everywhere. Daddy never tells mouse how to vote and yes we do argue at times, between us, about politics. Most of the time at events or parties it's not an issue, people rarely discuss religion, politics or money, except when there are events going on around the world, which becomes fodder for discussion. Religion, Daddy absolutely frefuses to engage in any public way, as he truly believes that to be private matter.

Publicly Daddy really does believe mouse is a reflection of him, how she carries or holds herself within the public.



  1. mouse,
    This one made me ponder on and off for a few days. I'm maybe the opposite from you - I'm fairly shy in social settings, less so with groups I know well - but polite small talk with strangers or acquaintances is a skill i have to work very hard at. My husband pushes me, gently, but pushes me to be more talkative in those situations. Though, i don't think politics or religion etc do come up so often. And i've gotten better at neutral responses and not being baited into a conversation i don't care to have. Interesting post.


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