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Friday, October 3, 2014


Very often people wonder about doing this 24/7, some might think its beyond what they can do. The questions often arise how do we manage it? Aren't there times you want time off from always doing what he says? While it's certainly true 24/7 M/s does require a level of commitment on both sides, it doesn't need to be complex or difficult. Often things just evolve or progress in a natural way that makes sense to both sides.

Does that mean that everything runs smoothly or that mouse always just obeys? No, she doesn't. Sometimes, probably like everyone she come down with a case of the dreaded, "I don't wanna's" like ironing. There is a serious love/hate thing that goes on with ironing that she cannot ignore. Sure, many times she can avoid the task all together by just folding and putting away clothes. Sounds simple? Nope. All too often, mouse will leave clothing to sit too long in the dryer, and then if they are at all the type of items prone to wrinkling, they are tossed into a pile (which might become a heap) in the closet. Daddy will see the pile, but rarely says anything right away. He knows that mouse will get to it eventually.

Occasionally, after a week or two, or if the pile does become a heap, he'll ask about it -- giving her a clear nudge.

"Mouse, are these for charity?"

"No, Daddy. It's just a bunch of stuff that should be ironed or rewashed."

"I understand."

For those unaware, "I understand" is Omega Dom-speak for "get on it." at least in this case. It can also, depending on context mean, "the discussion is over."

Whatever the situation, his point is clear and often the same day mouse will begin going through the pile. He never remarks about it or adds it to the demerit list; unless mouse blows him off -- without a reason.

So, what questions do you have for mouse?



  1. Sir uses the "If that is what you want" approach. I know I need to get stuff done when he says this.

  2. As a fellow anti- ironer, try this tip: next time you leave things to get wrinkled, put a damp small towel or washcloth in with them, run them on a very short dryer cycle again and hang. yay!

  3. Ahh, the multipurpose "I understand". Most of the time when I hear it, it is comforting because I know he really does know. Sometimes it means "get on it", and yes, sometimes it means "discussion closed".

    1. No kidding...It's like standing in his study, having a discussion and suddenly he drops the "I understand." and there's NOTHING else to say that doesn't come out circular.

      Thanks for totally getting it. It's amazing how two little words can have so much weight and meaning.


  4. Hi mouse! Was there a time when you also worked outside of your home while in a 24/7? My biggest struggle seems to be with being submissive after I get home from work and have been dominant all day. Did you ever have this problem? If so, how did Omega help you get through it?

    1. Yes there was a time...Ugh...sometimes mouse sincerely misses it, but other times not as much.

      Will have to take some time to write something up properly.


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