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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Daddy's Girl

We can assume that Sir really is back to being Daddy.  Let's be a bit a clear for clarities sake, he's never once stopped being Daddy.  It's just for mouse and all her weirdness, she needed for a while for him to be Sir.  It's not easily explained except that this was where mouse needed to be, and to draw a distinct line between Omega the Sir and Omega the Daddy Dom.  

One thing he asked is that mouse try to explain why she made the switch, he understood the need to compartmentalize a little (ok, maybe a lot) the different facets or our relationship, but the reasoning he felt was never clear to readers. Even now, mouse is at a loss to explain why.  As wrong as it might sound, her trust in him was shaken many, many months ago.  It's taken mouse a long to realize that was the main problem between us or maybe just to admit it to herself. Through all of mouse's inner turmoil and angst he really never stopped being Daddy and giving mouse to space to work through her issues and rebuild the confidence in him again.   Why she blamed him?  That's a tough one. It really does go back to when mouse was cornered in the bathroom at that restaurant.  If he hadn't been doing whatever it was that set off their radar, it simply wouldn't have happened and months later being punished for his assumption that she threw out that evil lube didn't help.  

So, maybe for mouse in order to continue growing, she simply had to put Daddy aside for while and just reinforce that he is Sir? It helped to reaffirm that he does have her best interests at heart.  While he's not the easiest person to get along with, and does at times seem rather fixed and cold -- he does manage quite well with making mouse feel incredibly safe and warm.  Those are good feelings that cannot be discounted or shut away.  


  1. "Daddy" is extremely new to our dynamic and, it's an odd feeling but, there is a difference between Daddy and Master.

    Safe and warm are definitely feelings that should stay at the surface.

  2. blogger is being finicky, wouldn't let me leave my earlier comment. :(
    wanted to say, I think I understand mouse. it makes sense to me.

  3. I understand, mouse. I am ill at the moment, and Alder, always Sir to me, now requires me to call him Daddy.
    And yes, as you say, it's not about him, he hasn't changed. It's about me surrendering my responsibilities and accepting that I am depending on him - by acknowledging that he's my Daddy and I'm his girl. Safe and warm.


  4. I took this question to H and confessed that I wasn't feeling Daddy lately. I asked what he was - Sir, Master or Daddy. He said all three, as long as I was feeling one, it was okay. So today - Sir. Maybe Daddy again someday.

    Great post and welcome back to that feeling of being treasured.

  5. Rigidity can be difficult to live with. I think it helped me to acknowledge that it was in fact rigidity that I was dealing with and that this trait in him was unlikely to suddenly vanish. It helped me to work on ways to work around the rigidity rather than tackle it head on.


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