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Monday, November 3, 2014

Just Remember All the While

We all know what happened on Friday, or at least how the day began and mouse struggled to fulfill his wish to have everything completed by sundown.   It was Halloween so there were extra things to do.  Much later we settled down into the evening routine, where we generally read.  Daddy has a list of approved Friday reading materials for mouse, so she picked one of those.  We listened to some nice classical music on the sound system, and rather enjoyed a quiet evening.  

Daddy said he was going to bed, tired because it had been a long day for him and mouse said she'd be up soon, but asked if she could finished the chapter she'd just started in the book.  He asked if she was sure (yes she can hear the readers groaning because they can see exactly what was about to happen) and she told him yes.  Clearly mouse wasn't thinking.  After she finished the chapter she went upstairs and did all her normal things, brushed her hair, removed makeup, brushed teeth and undressed.  

It was when she came out from the bathroom that she suddenly realized her error. Daddy was asleep and mouse was now required to kneel beside the bed and beg him to enter.  After spending a few minutes beating herself up over this mistake mouse did kneel beside the bed -- maybe he wasn't really asleep.  Quietly with the slightest sound she whispered, "Daddy? Sir?"  

The crickets chirping outside was louder than what was going on inside that room.  Daddy was completely asleep.  So, mouse put her head down on the bed and closed her eyes for a moment -- because now she was tired too and thought about her predicament.  Soon she felt a hand on her shoulder, touching her gently, telling her to come to bed.  

"Sorry Daddy," mouse murmured, really she was half asleep and probably dreaming but she went with it and crawled into bed, her knees were hurting as she moved.  Daddy wrapped her up in a blanket and kissed her cheek, saying something but mouse was already out.  

Saturday morning mouse woke in the bed alone -- Downstairs she could hear movement and groaned -- everything was hurting her, but she remained in bed. Honestly at that moment she was fully annoyed with herself -- she'd screwed up bed time and now she was screwing the morning.  And she needed to pee. 

Daddy was in the doorway and she startled when he said, "good morning." Without missing anything mouse blurted out asking permission to begin her day (because ya, she totally needed to pee).  The yes had barely finished leaving his lips when mouse jumped from the bed and did that potty dance to the bathroom. Which totally made him laugh.  Can she just say that usually she's bothered when he watches her pee, but that morning mouse could have cared less.  

He was proud of mouse and told her so.  It remind him of something we often forget, how eager to please mouse truly is with him and how when she does mess up, it's never intentional (except when it is).  But she really doesn't want to make mistakes.  The day was long, and Daddy treated us to dinner out and that was very nice for mouse.  In the evening we watched an old movie, and went to bed at a reasonable time.  Yes, mouse didn't argue when he said it was time.  

We took our time getting ready for bed.  Daddy called mouse to the chaise and performed a light maintenance spanking her still bruised bottom.  The tears flowed quickly, all the regret over the past couple days came pouring out...too many sorries.  Really mouse was full of remorse.  At bedtime, mouse knelt beside the bed and begged him to enter it, which he granted quickly. Her knees still hurt from the previous night but not as bad as she thought it would.  After thanking him, she climbed into bed and he pulled her close.  His fingers captured a nipple and he gently tugged the ring.  Inching her closer to him -- he remarked he enjoyed this method and found it quite effective.  This was good, he whispered for mouse to be treated a bit more like a slave for a while,  it would help settle her mind and maintain her focus on what was truly important.  

The orgasm control was still in place so he took her from behind and gave no opportunity for her to orgasm -- but she's not complaining about it.  Sometimes for her it feels right.  The weight of his control is like a blanket covering mouse and it gives her balance.  A little objectification goes a long way at times for mouse, it makes her feel safe and heightens her sense of purpose.  It becomes a reminder that she belongs to him.  

Sunday morning, mouse paused during her oral attention to ask permission to swallow his juices.  Really while mouse loves sucking him to orgasm, after the other day she also didn't want the added work of changing the sheets.  He shocked mouse tho when he said no and pulled her onto him.  He controlled her movements on top of him.  It felt so good that way, and it hit that sweet spot deep inside mouse.  When he told her to orgasm, it was like a huge vibration coursed through her, then he pushed her down and held her in place.  

After we showered, he put the corset on mouse and told her to dress.   The day was began early right after breakfast with putting away all the Halloween crap and dragging out the fall related crap.  There's always a huge buzz in the house because they all know the real fun holidays aren't far behind.  Added to the fact that the fruit trees needed pruning and leaves raked it was indeed busy with lots to do.  

Long after dinner, when the house was again quiet, Daddy and mouse sat on the sofa and watched the fire dwindle down.  He moved mouse's hand to his crotch and asked how her knees were feeling, and she giggled.  Without much further thought mouse placed a pillow on the floor and knelt on it, then placed her hands behind her back and began to work his trousers down using her teeth.  He stroked her head, and assisted her.  He let out a relaxed sigh as she finally took him into her mouth.  

Really mouse couldn't think of better way of ending the weekend.  

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