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Friday, October 31, 2014

Move Along, Nothing to See Here...

Around once a month Daddy has a dinner meeting that always ends up running long.  This means he doesn't usually get home much before 11pm but midnight is normal and is never later than that.  How does mouse know or how can she be so sure when Daddy sets the bedtime at 10:30?  Well it's not like the TV turns into a pumpkin.  Last evening, mouse became mired in a movie and completely lost all sense of time.  Didn't feel a bit tired and started looking for something else to watch.  At some point, a bit later she wandered into the kitchen for a water refill, and glanced at the clock on the oven, it read 12.  No, that couldn't be possible!  

At this point mouse ran back into the family turned off the TV quickly and bolted back up the stairs to our bedroom.  Upstairs she quickly undressed, brushed her teeth, removed her makeup and jumped (yes quite literally jumped) into bed just as his key hit the lock.  Just as mouse really was drifting off to sleep Daddy entered the bedroom.  

"I know you are awake." He announced to the dark room.  

For some oddball reason, mouse thought she could just ignore him.  

The covers were thrown back and she felt a slap on her bare bottom.  

"Hi Daddy.  How was the meeting?" mouse finally spoke trying to sound pleasant.  

"Naughty slave," Daddy clucked, "I saw the bathroom light as I drove up the road." 

"Oh," ok, mouse didn't really think about that.  "Sorry Daddy." 

He tugged on a nipple ring and she could hear the sound of his belt coming off. Maybe he was just undressing?  He led mouse, out of the bed and along by pulling the nipple ring.  Then he sat and pulled her over his knee.  The belt struck and she yelped.  

He continued until the tears of remorse satisfied him.  

Just when mouse thought it was all over, he brought up demerits.  

The ones for last week, and the additional ones mouse accrued during this week and added up to 20.   

He had mouse stand as he recounted the infractions (the more serious ones), and then told her to bend over the bed.  Beside where she was, she clearly saw the crop and cane beside her.  He must have assumed all this when he came home and stopped by the study.  Daddy usually makes it a point to not punish mouse for demerits inside our bedroom.  

Since he was still holding the belt she felt him continue with that and she counted off the blows.  Then it was time for the cane, which he ran through quickly.  By the time he finished her ass and backs of her thighs had enough so he had her stand and remove the nipple rings.   Then he had her lift her hands and link them behind her head.  

The hard taps stung as they fell across her breasts and mouse counted out the blows and thanked him when he finally finished.  He expressed how disappointed he was and announced that there would be no maintenance done Friday but the house better be completely ready by sundown.   

Since he hadn't given her permission to move, mouse was still standing with her hands linked behind her head and her body feeling like it was on fire -- not at all in that good way.  The only reply she could come up with was "Yes Sir." 

He undressed, brushed his teeth and got into bed, while mouse was still standing and then told her to kneel at the bed and beg him to enter it.  

After she was in the bed, having begged him appropriately, he said that for the next several weeks she would have to beg him to enter the bed and to leave it, to begin her day.  

The problem was that he was still annoyed with mouse, usually by the time we go to bed, after a punishment we have a buffer time for him to cool off thoroughly.  This time was completely different.  

This morning, the alarm went off, way too early, and mouse was still very tired as she moved her mouth to wake him, as she sucked him, when she knew he was nearly ready to orgasm, he pulled her head from him and told her to ask him to swallow his cum.  Being incredibly fuzzy mouse must have hesitated, because he moved away from her and jerked himself to orgasm on the sheets and told her to lick it up.  

Remembering his annoyance just a few hours earlier mouse did ask him for permission to begin her day, which he granted by telling her to run the shower. He stepped into it, and told mouse to wait until he called for her enter.  He opened the shower door called for her (the water was several degrees cooler), and he washed her body.  Then he left to let her finish washing her hair.  

When she got out, the only towel was the one he'd used so mouse dried off using that.  The corset was out too.  He told her to lift her arms and slid it over her body, now mouse was nearly in tears.  He told her to quit complaining, and then looked at her marks left behind from the punishment.  

This is going to be an interesting weekend.  

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