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Friday, December 12, 2014

Dream of a Lifetime

Good morning friends, coffee is poured and it's warm at least inside the kitchen where there is a batch of cranberry muffins. Our weather is completely schizophrenic,  with temps shooting up to the 50s with lots of wind yesterday. Not at all sure what today will bring, but it's a little cooler and wet.  

Last night Daddy punished mouse -- essentially for the exact same things as last week. It began earlier in the day in fact, before discussion, he told mouse to write out all the expectations, using her very best penmanship. When he finally got home from work that evening, the book she writes in was on his desk -- along with the mail. All was put aside until after dinner was over, the kitchen tidied and the house was quiet.

Now, mouse knew this would be a bad punishment. Maybe he regretted letting mouse off a little light last week? Whatever, mouse was still snappy and rude to him several times last week and it can't all be blamed on holiday angst we all feel this time of the year. Yes, mouse has many excuses but none of them are valid reasons for her behavior.

This time, unlike times before the remorse just bubbled up; it had started as she wrote out her expectations when she got to the part "mouse understands that all punishments or corrections are for her own good so that she will continue to improve and grow."

When Daddy made her kiss the cane. It was as though a dam burst and the tears turned from quiet whimpers to choking sobs. The mental release was beyond cathartic for mouse, who was trembling and struggling to stand. Daddy simply stopped and scooped mouse up into his arms and held her. Once she finally calmed, he continued with the punishment and held her longer after it was done. Later in bed, Daddy kept holding mouse.

How many times has this happened? How many times has she ignored or held herself back from him? Why is it she rarely realizes it until after the damn breaks and suddenly she understands how much she was holding back from him? This morning her optimism is still bubbling over and all she wants is to please Daddy.


  1. such love and commitment of both

    1. Yes, it definitely needs to come from both sides, doesn't it?

  2. "How many times has this happened? How many times has she ignored or held herself back from him?"

    I used to think there was a time, sometime in the future, when i would finally have it all nailed - I would stop needing to repeat the same lessons. Now - I'm not so sure it's really the same lessons - i think there are endless layers, new pieces of me, and likely new pieces of him. And how amazing is that!?!

    1. Pretty amazing really when you stop to think about it.

      Thanks for the reminder! <3


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