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Monday, December 15, 2014

Pretty Please

Good morning! Today's agenda has lots of errands for mouse. Our weather has been quite cold with a bit of wind that makes everything seem more cold. It was certainly the type of morning one would love to spend snuggling in bed. The blasted alarm won't wait, a constant reminder that the day must begin. This morning, mouse was so fuzzy-headed that she simply wandered around the kitchen -- at a complete loss of what to do. The morning routine is completely a rote activity -- not this morning, mouse had to think about what needed to be done.

Daddy allows mouse to set our social calendar, naturally he has final approval but, it's the holiday season and our dance card is over extended. During the day on Friday, however he sent a text message saying to be ready and dressed up when he got home. He added the note for mouse to put her hair up. It was so odd, because this was the only weekend we've nothing going on.

At the appointed time mouse was ready and shortly after he got home and changed he was ushering mouse out the door. We ended up at a quiet restaurant just the two of us, and it was horribly romantic. Daddy ordered for mouse, we whispered, giggled...Daddy ordered for mouse the most delicious petite steak, that melted in her mouth.

When we finally got home, the house was quiet. Daddy without saying a word, pushed mouse over the arm of the sofa and fucked her hard. The dinner had nothing on that. It was amazing. As much as mouse appreciated the romantic stuff -- really it was nice -- but this was different, raw and nasty.

Saturday we all went to the mall and in the evening since the weather was ok, we stayed downtown, looked at the twinkly lights and went for a drive past decorated homes. We even stopped at a coffee place and got festive holiday coffees. It was so much fun.

Sunday Daddy decided to untangle some lights and put them up in the bushes and trees surrounding our home. We did escape for few moments for a quick spank and fuck session while dinner bubbled on the stove (mouse made stew) and it was a lovely way to spend the day.



  1. What a lovely weekend! The holidays are stressful, glad you got a nice break.

  2. Sounds like a completely enchanting weekend!
    yay for the holidays!

  3. What a lovely weekend mouse...sounds much better than attending lots of crowded parties. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  4. I love reading the tidbits of what makes a couple, a couple. =) Cute post mouse!
    XOXO Pearl

  5. That sounds like such a lovely time! What an adorable posting!


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