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Monday, December 8, 2014

Rainy Days and Mondays

Good morning friends, it's a blustery day again with a bit of rain here, all our snow seems to have vanished but Jack Frost assures mouse he'll be back soon.

Friday afternoon Daddy came home from work just mentally drained, and as timing had it, we were supposed to go out to dinner with friends. He dragged himself upstairs, showered quickly and was ready to go still before mouse was. Nothing new there. He did take a moment to inspect mouse and check her marks from the previous nights punishment. He knew sitting would be uncomfortable so he decided to add a plug to mouse. Yes, she actually pouted a little, but slid it into place as Daddy watched.

He said no to the slightly larger purse too. In the car as mouse squirmed, he laughed and said if he was going to suffer, so would mouse. At the party, Daddy was in good spirits, things were fine until he got home and opened the mail. He found out his newspaper would no longer be home delivered to our area.

Oh yes, it's the end of the world mouse chided him. Yes, he scolded and lectured her on why physically holding a newspaper was far superior than reading it online. His whole breakfast routine would be ruined. A well established routine for him. Still squirming from the plug, mouse offered that he couid sleep a bit longer or we could certainly fill the time doing something else.

His solution was for mouse to suck him then and there. Funny how the whole discomfort she felt ebbed away as she sucked him and quickly returned as she finished. Finally upstairs, mouse removed the plug, washed it and put it away. Daddy watched, and told mouse to lay on the bed and spread her legs wide. His fingers toyed and played with her, making her pant like a whore for him, then she felt the cool sensation of lube, and shivered.

Yelping, replaced the moans as his fist filed her, stretching and twisting, making her mind drift far from him. Far and away mouse traveled, lost in the bliss of pain and pleasure. Eventually floating back and curled up beside him, whimpering softly.

Saturday and Sunday were spent quietly, mouse wrapping packages, putting together gifts and baking cookies. Sunday snow fell, then later turned to a mix before eventually turining to rain. It was bittersweet for mouse seeing the small amount of snow just melt away. Daddy brooded a little over the newspaper, but watched football and in the evening played with mouse.

There is so much yet to do for Chanukah, then Christmas...then new years eve. On the 10th is Jz's awesome cookie exchange and it's not too late to sign up. Still despite being busy there is so many reasons to feel blessed, even without a morning paper.


  1. Not having a newspaper is sad. I used to get the local paper, and enjoyed reading it even though we live in a small town where the news is kind of lame. Master cancelled it, so now I get my news online. I wasn't really upset with his decision, but if it had been up to me I would have kept the paper.

  2. Oh yes, my Master was all up in arms when we returned from a trip to learn they've stopped delivery here as well. Is there a newsstand or a place where you could fetch him one? It's a bother but our duty as slaves is to serve our Masters.


  3. Sadie,

    I sympathize with your owner, however I would not expect mouse to drive in somewhat hazardous conditions just for the sake of a morning paper. Her presence is far more useful to me here.

    Serve well,

    1. Thank you Sir.

      Yes, my Master would too have issues with that and forgot to take the weather into account. Really, no disrespect was meant by the suggestion. We are property and should be cautious since we have value to the Ones we serve.

      Blessings on your House Sir,


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