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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It'll Soon Be Here


Not much to say today friends. Everything has been relatively quiet, Daddy busy with work, and mouse has kept busy in the house. Made a lovely banana bread, and the coffee's hot. Not much sun shining today; it's rather dreary out. It's really been a good time to get into those dusty nooks and crannies -- clear out some accumulated clutter.

Monday night Daddy got home from work, and mouse greeted him with a cocktail (he had already forewarned mouse his day was awful). After removing his shoes, mouse remained at his feet for a few minutes. Daddy touched mouse's head and this unseen wave passed through her. It wasn't a warm feeling of submission, exactly, but it was this feeling of contentment.

Later, in his study, mouse made herself useful to Daddy by spending a long time sucking him. Cannot say enough how much mouse loves that feeling of him inside her mouth. The taste, his musky scent just fuels mouse. Knowing its bringing him pleasure and helps him relax doesn't hurt either. It gives her a rush that she can't explain. It might be the most selfless thing she could do for him.

Later in bed, mouse tried and failed to put those thoughts into words that made sense. Wrapped safely in his arms, he still gives mouse time to talk, to share with him her thoughts, which are all too often disjointed and incomplete. Daddy doesn't mind when mouse clicks off subjects in a rapid fire pattern of thought vomit. Sometimes he'll pull her closer, other times he'll very quietly chuckle -- but without fail, he validates her feelings.

Daddy always reminds mouse that if she feels something -- it's already valid. It was a difficult concept for mouse to grasp. It's not about being right or wrong, that's discussed later. But he's careful to never diminish the emotion. It mouse feels slighted in some way, it's valid. It might not be as big of a deal as she will build it up in her mind, but it's valid to Daddy.



  1. Hey, I have banana bread in the oven, myself!

    I know that feeling of judging emotions. It's taken me a long time to learn to say, "you can feel what you feel - it's what you do with the feeling that matters"


    1. Yes, that in a nutshell...seriously we need to hire you an editor here.

      Thanks for the bump! <3

  2. lovely mouse.

    I too have thoughts vomit out in rapid fire, especially after work. My Man has the same giggle but lets me continue on until every last ricochet of thought pounces out.

    I love this post. I love the connection you feel and the picture your words paint. They remind me that my heart is thankful to understand this entire post as familiar to how I feel with my Man and how my Man makes me feel. Can't say it enough, love this post!!

    1. Thank you for getting it and commenting. In many ways it's restorative.

      Thanks Pearl! <3

  3. Happened to open Bloglovin, which I use as a blog collector, and saw your post about banana bread, mouse. It so happens that neighbours sent us a hand of bananas two days ago and I knew we weren't going to eat them all, was wondering what to do with them and reading your blog gave me the hint. So there's banana bread in my oven too, now!

    Don't read blogs much these days, gone all philosophical instead.


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