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Monday, January 19, 2015

Nothing to Say

Good morning friends, we all seemed to survive the bug we acquired. Thankfully, despite being awful, it only lasted around 10 days. Slowly we're all recovering. Daddy is back to giving orders and arranging mouse's duties. Also he's back to giving mouse some much needed maintenance spankings.

Also, mouse learned Daddy's man cold was nothing to sneeze at, as she earned herself some corner time this weekend. A boundary was pushed by mouse just a little too far. Daddy reminded mouse that her purpose to him is to be pleasing, and chiding him wasn't doing the trick.

That was also the instance where mouse stopped worrying about him. If he's strong enough to rebuke or punish mouse he's well on the way to feeling better. We did make up for the days we felt too sick to screw on Sunday. So his record of at least eight orgasms per week remains unblemished.


  1. omg, Omega has a minimum of 8 orgasms a week?
    good grief, in the last 8 weeks I've had 4...I wish I was on Omega's schedule. lol, lucky bastard(saying that with the highest respect) :)

    1. Each morning mouse wakes him with a blow-job -- it's a given. Sometimes at night...Yeah it's math. :D

  2. Hi mouse, it is good to go back to more of a daily routine, isn't it? Great that you are feeling better and can enjoy your Daddy again, just like he enjoys you.



    1. Really, we needed to get back into the routine and glad that Daddy's feeling much better (this cold just hangs on forever).

  3. It's been too long since I've left a comment so just wanted to say hello, Happy New Year and I'm glad you guys are feeling better:)

    1. Thanks Genna!

      Glad your still around and still reading.


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