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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Close the Door; Turn Out the Light

Good morning friends, we've got some blueberry pancakes, a real breakfast treat, yes the berries were frozen but, they're from our own blueberry bush. Painstakingly harvested and frozen by mouse to enjoy over the winter. Keeping fingers away from the wasn't easy -- ok, mouse has issues with fresh berries of just about any variety and cannot stop eating them. We've had a few nights of crystal clear skies with a million stars.

Monday was a really stressful day around here, nothing really bad, or terrible but just everything seemed to take longer than it should. There was a huge accident on the freeway, traffic backed up for miles. The grocery store was crowded. Checkout lines were long too, then mouse realized she forgot the reusable bags. The day just continued like that. The cherry on the sundae was when mouse finally sat on the sofa, during a fit of sneezes and the sofa was wet. It's a moment where as the wetness sinks in you instantly hope it's juice, water or soda. In mouse's case she just sat there for a second, shaking her head. Then got some paper towels, tried to dry it off, changed her clothing. Turned out a kid spilled a bowl of soup.

After finally cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, all mouse wanted to do was sit and vegetate. Daddy called mouse into his study, he wanted some tea. Normally mouse would drag out the nice tea service, but really she wasn't in the mood. Instead she just heated a cup of water in the microwave, cut a slice of lemon and plopped in a tea bag. Placed the cup on a saucer with the lemon beside it and carried it to him.

"No special service?"

Honestly mouse just looked defeated and he smiled at mouse. He pulled her into his lap and hiked her skirt up. Really this was the very last thing on mouse's mind at that moment. Within a few moments though he had mouse panting and whispering that she needed to cum. When he lifted her onto his desk and parted her legs and licked her...fireworks exploded in her head! Maybe the brain really wanted quiet and peace, but her body clearly demanded something more. When he captured a nipple ring between his teeth and tugged mouse nearly orgasmed. Fingers shot between her legs and mouse just purred for him. When he again kissed her down there and then paused...

"Do not orgasm, slave."

Whimpering, "please...Sir!"



  1. Eeeek I was like O_O toward the end of this post but I'm not surprised! Lol. Hope you got to rest a bit afterward, mouse :)

  2. certainly put your mind on something else! Clever man.

  3. that got me whimpering too ;-)


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