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Friday, February 20, 2015

No Quarter

Good morning friends, why is it the best things for breakfast are laden with carbs? Or maybe those are the things mouse enjoys most? This morning we have some blueberry muffins and of course the coffee is hot.

Last night, Daddy had mouse enter the study and undress.  The demerits were light (yay mouse), he said he was proud of mouse for really putting in an effort.  Although she did start to talk back to him once she stopped herself, but not quickly enough.  He caught mouse drying herself off with a towel without asking him first and twice he found her wearing shoes inside the house (on cold days slippers are exempt). The big one though was again not making a proper shopping list and forgetting items. He showed mouse how much she spent on food, and the problem is that she can't seem to go to the market and buy one or two things, she walks out with 20 -- including foods no one should eat. He said mouse blew through the food budget for the month, in 19 days.  Yes, the rebuke was stern and rather lengthy.

He decided to use a the paddle on mouse. He's got many different things to punish mouse with, but he's got his favorites and the paddle isn't usually one he'd pick.  This time however it was.  After discussing what mouse should do differently, like making a proper list and sticking to it and ways of checking her "mental edit" he had mouse kiss the paddle, then she bent over his desk and waited. 

The sound was almost as bad as the first strike.  The air whisking through through the holes makes it sound almost as nasty as it is.  Almost like a whistle but the blows had a sting that made mouse jump. With the blows counted off, 10 in all, mouse was in tears by the time it was over.  Not like last week but just tears of pain and remorse.  After, she kissed the paddle again and thanked Daddy for correcting her.  

Now, part of her hoped that was all, but no, Daddy had mouse stand in the corner with her back to him.  There is something truly humiliating about this that drives mouse crazy.  With her bottom throbbing from pain and possibly more red that Rudolph's nose, it made her want to cry more.  As she stood at first, feeling sorry for herself and a bit angry with him for treating like this, eventually the real feelings of remorse came and she realized that she had deserved this.  The 'thank you Sir' she offered after the punishment wasn't really sincere, but more rote.  

"To me slave."  Daddy said breaking her concentration. 

He pulled out a handkerchief and blotted the tears under her eyes and told her to kneel with her hands behind her back.  He lowered his trousers and told her in an unceremonious way to please him. He's well versed in feigning disinterest while mouse pleasures him -- only his cock responds with growing more ridged.  It only lasts for so long, but makes mouse want to work harder.  

Eventually she feels him grasp a fistful of hair and pushes her deeper onto him and her mind goes somewhat blank.  The sounds of his breathing fills her and gives him away.  It's hard for mouse doing it this way because she wants to touch him to pull at his body, caressing him.  Thinking about that now, it probably makes the times he does allow her fingers to touch him all the more special.  

His orgasm was huge, or so it felt to mouse and after what seemed a long time,  he took a step back and pulled up his pants.  He told mouse to dress. Then he sat on the sofa in the study and called mouse to him again, but this time he pulled her into his arms and held her close.  More tears fell as mouse apologized again for the things she did.  There wasn't a valid reason for anything she'd done, and at that point she was pretty certain there weren't even excuses for it either.  

Daddy reminded mouse that she had done very well during the week and had remembered most of her expectations.  We sat for a while and mouse loved just being held by him as her tears finally stopped.  

"Stand up." Daddy said and when mouse stood, he turned her around lifting her dress and looked at her bottom.  It felt tender but nothing like that last week.  His finger traced a fading line from the riding crop or cane, it doesn't really hurt but the marks although fading are still there.  

This morning she realized, as she sat down and didn't feel a bite of pain, she's gong to need to be extra careful.  Maybe it's a little easier to remember to hold her tongue, when she feels she's been punished into the following days?  The sitting is a constant reminder that she did something wrong and it maybe keeps her in check?  Ugh.  It might be a tough week ahead.  


  1. What a wonderful story mouse. I love having my behavior reviewed and then correction measures being applied. It's nice that you are used as his cock receptacle as he sees fit as well. My Mistress K. has a policy that there will be no sex following a punishment spanking. She doesn't want for her sub to ever get confused as to the reason a punishment spanking has been administered.

  2. This slave also has a slight problem with talking back to Master sometimes and gets in trouble a lot. How do you stop yourself when you find yourself about to do it?



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