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Friday, February 6, 2015

Give me Down to There Hair

Good morning friends, the coffee is poured, and this morning a treat of fresh scones. Our weather has been chilly, especially in the evening, with no snowfall. The groundhog saw his shadow or so says Facebook, so it seems winter will continue until mid-march. Wednesday there was no post from mouse -- just couldn't shake the fuzzy brain feeling. Nothing came together for her.

It's been a busy week here, with lots of running around and at times this week it felt like an endless circle. Recently, mouse went for her quarterly cut and color, no, she doesn't actualy wait that long -- but this time she did go a little more than three months. Sometimes she just can't find the time.

It's a long process -- the color part anyway. Tin foil and hours in an uncomfortable chair, but in the end it's the result she wants. Yes, before someone says, "but mouse you can just do as I, just buy xxx at Target and do it yourself." Truly mouse can hear howls of laughter from her friend Lucy. See, years and years ago, mouse tried one of those "at home" color jobs. Yes, the directions were meticulously followed, however some thing went terribly wrong and mouse ended up with a very pale green color...Several hundred dollars and even more time waiting for her hair to grow out (which is really akin to waiting for paint to dry, except much longer) mouse's hair was back. It would be another 20 years before she even considered trying that again.

It wasn't until the grey began to make her usual blonde locks turn, well mousy, darker and dull mouse sought the help of a professional.

The result was amazing, and mouse began going regularly. This is probably more information than anyone needs to know, so bear with mouse because there is a point.

Daddy loves long hair (think many men do) but generally doesn't care much what all else mouse does. Last few times, mouse kept much of the length, only taking off the smallest portion of hair. This time, her stylist, after examining the strands suggested we take off roughly five inches! Split ends. Damage from blow drying and the flat iron. Also, when mouse's hair gets too long, it just turns to yuck. It's an old problem and mouse's hair was passed the point. The only option is to lop a good chunk off and let it grow this point.

Of course, mouse sent the text to Daddy.

That evening he said nothing about it. Later in bed the only remark was about the lingering smell. The next morning we showered together, and still nothing said. Much later in the week, Daddy was looking at the computer, while mouse was flitting in and out of his study.

"mouse, did you see Caroline's* new haircut? It is awfully short don't you agree?"

So mouse as she sat out his tea and didn't look, but asked, "How short Sir? Was it like Demi Moore in Ghost?"

"No, not like that -- but have a look." Daddy said.

Over his shoulder mouse peered at the image. The hairstyle was cute, much like the image above, except in red. "It looks nice on her Sir." mouse offered cheerfully.

Now Daddy was staring at mouse's hair -- "Did you cut your hair?"

"Now that's some cracker-jack observational skill..." replied mouse without thinking and added a quick, "Sir." it should be noted when we're alone, mouse often reverts to calling him Sir, or Master.

Daddy does that eyebrow arch, yet the twinkle in his eyes tells her he's not angry, but he grabs a handful of mouse's hair in his fist, bringing her to her knees. With his free hand, he unbuckled his trousers. The movement is awkward.

"Suck slave."

Without hesitation mouse took him in her mouth and sucked him.

His fist full of her hair controlled mouse's movements.

"I suppose it is long enough." he said after he orgasmed.

After depositing several long licks on his cock, mouse kissed it and smiled at him. The soft caress of his hand spoke to mouse louder than his words ever could.

* Caroline is not her real name



  1. Shoulder length or longer.
    Here baby, there mama, ev'rywhere, Daddy, Daddy...."

    I seem to have an earworm now...

    1. Mouse has that way. I would be remiss if I neglected to mention, I knew that was song lyric (it had to be) but I could not place it until I read your comment.

      I feel I owe you a debt.

  2. You had me worried for a second there! Glad it's still long enough ;)

  3. Oh im definitely all for going to a salon and having colouring done professionally, i wouldnt attempt doing it at home..too scared it would go wrong!

    Long hair most definitely has its advantages, just so many options lol


  4. Loved this post! I just got a haircut 3 days ago - shorter than I've gotten it in a while! I also needed all my split ends gone so I just told the hairdresser to cut it as short as it needed to be lol. I love those little moments between you and O!

    Great post as always, mouse :)

  5. Last spring I dyed my 'fro purple and pink, and last month I had to cut 6 inches off! I feared that I looked like a little boy so I quickly installed braids. Tho it seems that my Master doesn't mind since it, but soon I will have to take them down. :(

    Enjoy your weekend mouse (and your new haircut!)

  6. Mouse,
    Hair is so...awfully involved ...and 'long enough'...well, erhm...has often been debated over here ;-)

  7. Hair is tricky. HE saw my hair FIRST-red, long, curly. But time passes and hormones are a bitch and nothing was simple any more. I cut it off. I looked better, and felt better. Sad, because I loved that hair, but ready to be whoever came next. And eventually, HE decided it was long enough......

  8. You seems almost apologetic for getting hair done. I have cut, colored and highlighted at least every five weeks. Kinda have to as its short and going gray. But never apologize for something like that.....especially if your children are well taken care of.


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