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Monday, February 9, 2015

Your Eyes Give You Away

Good morning friends, the weekend was very rainy so it became a perfect time to stay in and watch movies. One of the movies sparked a memory in Daddy and then next thing mouse is a million miles away -- seeing it all through his words -- with tears were streaming down her cheeks. It wasn't a bad story he told, just bittersweet.

Daddy gathered mouse up into his arms and held her as tears just fell.

He whispered into her ear that he loves those moments when mouse shows him how vulnerable she is. How unafraid she is to demonstrate the vulnerability to him. He felt honored that mouse could just "be" with him.

Yes, more tears fell.


  1. Hi mouse, I am glad that you could cry and that your Daddy appreciates this as well. It shows vulnerability from yours and love from his side, doesn't it?



  2. I still have great unease with vulnerability, but you give me uncomfortable hope that I'll be able to be that way with him one day (I think he would like that, as well)...It's definitely getting harder to hide, that's for sure.

  3. Being comfortable enough to show your vulnerability demonstrates the deep trust that you both have in each other. Such a touching moment. Good luck to you both. DtBHC.

  4. So love this post mouse. Crying is so good for us, I am sure of that.

  5. Once again love reading your posts Mouse. I envy the love and devotion you feel and share with Omega. It is beautiful to see others enjoying a more settled and devoted life.


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