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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sound of the Thunder with the Rain Pourin' Down


Good morning friends! We've got coffee ready and we all know it's just not morning around here without that wonderful wake-up juice. Our weather has been wet and rainy -- with temperatures in the 50s. Grass is growing and setting a chain of sneezes from mouse. The daffodils mouse planted a few years ago haven't made an appearance. Usually in February they begin to poke up from the ground, but so far nothing.

Recently nature treated us to a light show. Daddy really enjoys a good storm, he'll stand by the window and watch the lightning. Years ago, mouse was terrified of lightning and the boom of thunder would drive mouse to tears. But since Daddy's been around that just doesn't happen anymore. The dogs, on the other hand, go absolutely crazy during a storm. Paws on the windows ferociously barking as though they're trying to scare away the storm.

Usually when this happens, mouse will turn on the music system super loud, close all the shades, shutters and draw the curtains to block out the flashing light. Daddy had already checked the weather, saw the storm was moving quickly so he told mouse to just be still. He wanted to enjoy the storm. He was right. There's something about a storm, that just gets him all...well...excited.

In bed later that evening mouse got a light show. Not bad for beginning the week. Being used as a object for his pleasure was actually fun to mouse. The following day however, mouse had quite a few errands to run. Daddy made sure mouse's list was very detailed. At that time she didn't think much about that but maybe in retrospect she should have.

The order to enema wasn't too surprising, since we missed the last opportunity -- it's just a time issue. It's not like we live alone. After our shower, Daddy put the corset on mouse -- forbidding her to touch the strings. It used to bother her a great deal being locked in that kind of bondage but she's grown used to it and feels exposed when she doesn't wear it. Then Daddy had mouse bend over the bathroom counter and used his belt a couple times across her bottom. Not terribly hard but enough that mouse flinched and became aroused. He pressed a finger against her tight hole, then quickly she felt the lube and the feeling of the plug being inserted. His other hand on her back, holding her in place.

"You don't need the nipple rings today slave." He whispered to mouse.

He removed the rings himself. He briefly took a nipple into his mouth and sucked, grinding the nipple with his teeth and sending huge shivers through mouse. Then he pulled out some clover clamps and applied them -- not too tight, but tight enough. Then he gave mouse another swat on her bottom and said, to get dressed. Seriously?

Fixing breakfast was a huge challenge and Daddy watched with this amused smirk on his face. He remarked as he left for work to text him when she completed her errands and that the flush of mouse's cheeks looked lovely. Thank goodness for lists because they certainly kept mouse focused when her mind would wander to the pain of the clamps or the full feeling in her bottom -- or not sure if this was worse, but the quivery feeling of her sex.

Somehow mouse made it through the list and double checked to make sure she'd gotten everything. So, as instructed she sent Daddy the text saying she was finished and waited..

And waited...

Was he toying with mouse or just busy?

Finally a text came through and mouse practically jumped on her phone. It said simply that his day was lighter than planned and to come to his office.

Did he want lunch? No he replied quickly to that. So mouse got back into the car and drove to his office. This left mouse a little miffed at him. Most of her errands had taken her closer to his office than home. Still when sat back into the car and put on her seatbelt she was reminded of her predicament. In other words, her body just loved this even if her mind tried to argue it was stupid.

Some butterflies in her tummy as she finally made her way to his office and as she walked down the hallway they became woodpeckers.

He smiled at her and held up a finger as he typed on the computer. Idly mouse just looked around his office, but didn't walk or move just looked with her eyes. "Thank you for coming," He said finally looking up from his computer. He handed mouse a baggy and said to go use the ladies room and remove the plug.

There was a moment of hesitation from mouse, the bathroom there is always crowded. It's like an airport and it seems everyone goes at the same time. His look though said she'd better get moving. So, mouse went. Took a stall in far corner by the wall -- yes, the handicapped one...Carefully mouse removed the plug and stuck it in the baggy, then rearranged the contents of her purse so it was buried. There was an odd mix of emptiness and relief.

Still she washed her hands like four times. Then walked quickly back to his office. The assistant's desk was empty so mouse just went inside. He was again behind his desk working, but did look up and told mouse to close the door. He didn't say to lock it. Honestly, mouse couldn't take more of this. All she wanted now is was to lose the clamps and be fucked.

"Unbutton your blouse and show me those clamps slave."

Seriously? Again hesitation. The door isn't locked. Damnit...should have anticipated this better. Or asked!

"Now!" His voice was raised. Somehow she got her fingers to work and unbuttoned the blouse as he stood.

"Is this how you present yourself to your owner?"

"Ah..." mouse's jaw dropped and her mouth was open without making much sound.

"Ah?" Daddy said and repeated himself.

Blinking and closing her mouth mouse sat her purse down and laced her fingers behind her neck. He lifted her breast with his hand, squeezing the flesh hard. Then removed the clamp --- a huge ribbon of pain shot through mouse. Then he repeated with the other breast. Then he simply buttoned her blouse up and told her to put her hands down. He handed mouse the clamps and watched as she slipped them into her purse.

Then he just ushered her out of his office and mouse wondered what would happen next. Nothing happened in the elevator but he led mouse to his car. He put the seatbelt on her and lifted her skirt wit his fingers a little. Then he got into the drivers side and began to drive. This all caught mouse completely off balance. Was she supposed to talk? Did he expect her to say something?

It was almost a relief when he said something about her errands and mouse's voice totally gave her away, speaking really fast and little higher than her usual tone. Did he smirk? We went to lunch and he ordered for mouse -- like hundreds of times. Was this it? When he dropped mouse, he parked alongside her car, and said he'd be home in a few hours. He had a few other things to finish up but he said it shouldn't take too long.

Just as mouse got out of his car, he said, "You hesitated three times by my count -- Do you agree that is simply not allowed?"

Again, mouse's jaw dropped and her eyes were wide and vacant.

"Make that four times."

There was lots of stammering from mouse, it was as though she needed a assistance of a speech therapist. In the end she agreed it was wrong that she hesitated -- What else could she have said?

When he got home, he put mouse over the chaise lounge and used her but didn't say a word about anything else. Not after dinner inside his study or much later when she knelt beside the bed and begged to enter it. It left mouse in a quandary, should she bring it up during her free talk time? Should she just let that sleeping dog lie?

"Sorry about those hesitations today Sir." Crickets chirped. To mouse all this feels unresolved -- like just waiting for a shoe to drop. Tomorrow's Thursday...Demerit payday.



  1. I can be bad about hesitating or giving a look of disbelief at an order. Sometimes I get in trouble for it and sometimes not, just depends on his mood I guess. I do hate that feeling of you want me to do "this"..

    Good luck on demerit payday. Hopefully your apology will account for something and help soften any punishment.


    1. I really should not post comments from my hard to see typos! Sorry. What I was trying to say is I hate the feeling of "you want me to do this...right!" I think he finds the look of panic and horror on my face pretty amusing most of the time.

      I'm also a huge lover of thunder storms! Completely soothes my soul.

  2. I'm terrified of thunderstorms. Alone I would barricade myself in the house and hide with my heart thumping. With P, I'm much calmer and I have to put on a brave face for the kids, I don't want them to inherit my fears.
    Good luck with the demerits.

  3. Oh, that hesitation gets this girl in trouble as well, even if it for a split second.

    Now, the real question do you adjust clover clamps? Other than pulling or putting weight on them all the ones we have had have no way of being adjusted. Are their different kinds?

    1. Lol. Glad mouse isn't alone in the whole hesitation thing. We have many different pairs of clover clamps (along with other types), some are tighter feeling than others. One pair mouse cannot wear more than a few minutes without begging for them to be removed, unless she's already in the pain zone. These he used are more comfortable. They're snug, a bit painful but doable. You can get used to them, unless they're bumped -- like when she put on the seatbelt....or when they're taken off. Yikes that was painful!


  4. I get those hesitations a lot too. Sometimes he lets it slide, sometimes he corrects me, depends on his mood I guess.

  5. I can't imagine wearing the clover clamps that long. The set we have I can tolerate for a while but I don't think I could for that length of time - running errands. Sounds like from your other post that punishment was a tough one. Glad you got through it and had some wonderful aftercare.

  6. Sorry mouse, apparently I ramble too much. Here is the second part of my thoughts to you.

    A person can trust but still have doubt and or worry and I feel a correction or punishment for expressing such an emotion is counter productive. No where in your writings did I read that you refused. You paused then obeyed. As I am a person who works diligently to read a journal through the authors eyes and not my own I did ponder the idea that perhaps that was exactly what you wanted. That you wanted to be corrected, that you are trying to trust and obey without thinking. As ruffled as my feathers got, I have faith that you would not do something you felt was harmful and that you relish in the exchange you and Omega share. I think this is why I can and do read your journal. I often believe in order to have tolerance, in order to be able to judge but not be judgmental, I have to be exposed to experiences I would not want to experience or sometimes even disagree with. Tolerance is essential in order to share this beautiful world and the more I learn of others the more tolerance I gain.

    I was a child who was told to hold her tongue, to show obedience even if it meant denying myself of the emotion I was feeling. Perhaps due to my upbringing the idea of not being permitted to express a genuine emotion without being punished diminishes any appreciation of me as a whole, as an entire entity, perfect and flawed. This does not equate to acting in any manner I desire, such as having a temper tantrum public or private or violently attacking, verbally or physically, other human beings. A modicum of civility is a constant expectation and one I live up to. Still, if I am uncertain, scared, nervous, happy, horny, elated, sad, questioning, mystified, angry, disappointed or all around confused I expect to be, at the very least, tolerated as I embrace and share what I am feeling. If I have to worry if I will be punished for a human emotion I most likely would shut off. would be a robot with minimal emotions, rarely if ever allowing myself to be vulnerable with either myself or others.

    In the relationship I share with Master I do have rules of conduct; however, I am always permitted to have my voice. My tone is controlled, to a degree; however, never do I have to limit what I am feeling as long as I am showing respect and honesty.

    You certainly are an incredibly strong woman mouse. Once again, thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your experiences and thoughts.



  7. Hello mouse and Omega
    Grrr. Apparently the first part of my ramblings did not go through. Dang blasted. Although I can not remember everything I said what I wanted you to know, prior to my thoughts, is that I believe you and Omega have a loving, consensual relationship, one you both agree to engage in. One that you both have discussed, shared and evolved from and so although I felt prickled while reading your experience, those are my feelings and not yours and I do respect the exchange you and Omega have.

    I apologise for the lack of a beginning of my thoughts.




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