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Friday, February 27, 2015

Maybe it was the Roses...

Good morning friends, this morning we've got a special treat of made-to-order omelets.  We had an extra dozen or so of eggs a neighbor brought, fresh from her chicken's butt -- and some veggies that needed to be used or tossed.  As usual the coffee is hot.  This morning feels darker than the last few days have.  The only thing that bothers mouse, is it's already the end of February.  It's such a short month!  March is right around, quite literally, the corner and it's a busy month and long too.  

Even though all day Thursday mouse tried not to think about it, she couldn't stop wondering about her demerits and punishment.  No, she didn't go sneaking off to his study to look either, but it was nagging at her.  Reading the expectations helped, but also at the same time increased her worry. During dinner mouse was jumpy, so much so at one point, Daddy took hold of her hand at the table and kissed it.  It was that silent soothing thing, telling her to calm down.  

Finally the time came, and mouse slowly knocked and entered the study.  Daddy was reading something work related and didn't acknowledge her at first.  Then he put down the papers, and told mouse that she'd been a very good girl all week.  Anything, he feels under a certain number he'll just carry over to the next week but this week was entirely different.  He said that she had accrued no demerits for anything.  If she rolled her eyes at him, he hadn't seen it. There had been no talking back, her shopping list was fine and she stuck to her (extra tight) budget he'd given her until the end of the month with money left over.  

Honestly mouse just stood rather dumbfounded, as though she wasn't quite comprehending what he was saying.  It wasn't until he stood and gave her a hug it began to sink in.  Quite honestly, mouse cried a little when he repeated again how proud he was.  He asked her to lift her skirt, and he again looked at marks still there from the last big punishment two weeks ago.  They've faded a lot but you can still see them. 

Sitting here now, writing this on a Friday morning, with the whole day ahead, mouse finds herself not really worried, but hopeful that she can continue along the way she has.  Reading those expectations daily really has helped her.  Still she'd be less than honest if it there wasn't a teeny bit of fear in her that she'll completely screw up.  For now, she's going to try hold onto to the fact he's proud of her and hope that's enough to carry her through.  


  1. that is wonderful mouse!!
    have a great weekend!

  2. If you are punished like that virtually every week, are you almost never without marks?

    Congrats on the excellent week! It's probably the mindfulness created by continual reading of the expectations that did it.

  3. that is wonderful mouse good for you!

  4. Great job, mouse! What an impressive accomplishment!

  5. Aww amazing job!! :)

  6. Hi Mouse, that is wonderful, good on you! It seems you have found a way of helping yourself stay on track by reading the expectations daily. Smiling for you :)


  7. I read your title in amongst a list of all the posts about Blogger rescinding their decision and I thought, "oh! mouse and/or Omega sent them flowers!"
    I really must work to contain my imagination...
    Well done on the doing well. :-)


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