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Monday, March 2, 2015


Good morning friends!  Really, mouse only has some nice hot coffee to share this morning.  Our weather was rather nice, but now seems to have to returned to the pattern of rain.  Our only tulip was munched by a furry woodland creature, almost as soon as it opened.  The trees all around are exploding with blossoms, which is lovely to see.  After the long (green) winter, it is beginning to feel like things are coming back to life.  

Last week, Blogger informed us of a change to their content policy. Increasingly, it seems to be less inviting to people like us.  While we remained confident our blog would not be affected, since we don't publish images that would be flagged by them, it still left us unsettled.  Was this a harbinger of what might come? Will they eventually throw down a gauntlet on the written word?  Then later in the week, after a public outcry that included our voice, they say they've reversed the decision.  Of course, they could reverse on their reversal.  

We felt saddled with few options, first and perhaps most likely is that, in our case, nothing would happen, but it doesn't stop the worry.  Just as a test (before the second announcement) mouse moved the Mostly mouse blog over to Wordpress and named it "mouse Droppings".  Does it need mentioning that the title was Omega's idea?  For anyone curious, moving that blog was rather simple, the hardest part seemed to getting it to look the way mouse liked after figuring out how to import.  The nice part about Wordpress seems to be they have an option for receiving email updates when new posts are added.  

Once all that worked out, mouse as actually happier with the way it looks, as opposed to the look over here.  But to move everything from this blog to over there would be far more challenging, because any links mouse has to previous posts would link back to this blog.  That's kinda of mess to go through post by post and change links so they'd refer to the wordpress blog.   We also like the way things are laid out here.  It's home and comfortable.  This blog has been around since 2009, and we haven't any plans on leaving it.  


  1. Glad to hear your not going anywhere mouse, i had decided i wasnt myself either, i would have just removed the pics i do have, which is no bother to me.

    Love the title Omega gave that blog!


  2. I think mouse you just keep your options open. I have also set my place up over there and plan to back it up as needs be. Then if blogger do the dreaded deed we are ready :)

  3. I didn't realize how comfortable I was on Blogger until this came up. I felt a pang in my heart when I thought of leaving, so I knew I had to stay.

    Glad it's over with and hopefully they won't try it again.

  4. Hi Mouse, I'm glad you are staying here. The u turn from Google is good news. I'm sure they have done the same thing before.


  5. Ahh, so they have reversed the decision, good. With no particular way to reference photographs on my blog, I started deleting where I could in preparation for the deadline. The thought of moving it all was too much for me too, though maybe there is an easier way. There is a lot of material there. Like you, I've been writing for eons.

  6. It was unsettling. We can breath easy for now but I think that's not the end of it. Happy to hear you are staying.


  7. I still giggle at that blog name, every time you've mentioned it. Omega has quite the sense of humour. haha.

  8. I get that the no touch rule is a control thing for him, and don't get me wrong, I find it pretty hot that he denies you of it. However I can't help but wonder, "doesn't he want to be touched by you or is it just not a need of his?" My boyfriend loves my touch and would never even want to deny me of it. If anything, he demands I touch him more.

  9. Oops the comment I made was supposed to be on the blog about touch. Sorry, I am on my phone and it switched pages without me realizing


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