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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

All that You Touch...

Good morning friends, this morning we have plenty of hot coffee and some French toast and fresh squeezed orange juice. This month is traditionally question and answer month in blog land, so if you have a question -- ask away in our comment section on any post. Our weather has changed again from rainy to brought, sunny and dare mouse say, warm?

Touch is such an important thing for mouse and it's something Daddy will often use to frustrate her to no end. Part of her "expectations" is that mouse will not touch Daddy with her fingers without permission. Now, it should be noted there are times the "expectation" is suspended. Like when we're out as just husband and wife or as a family. Well, we're never 'just' husband and wife, are we? Still there are times, the rule isn't enforced. Dinner parties we attend as a couple or other outings. Sometimes at the dinner table Daddy will take hold of mouse's hand.

In areas where our dynamic is in play however touch is off limits for mouse. Often she must use her mouth and keep her hands either laced behind her neck or behind her back as he uses her. It's to him about respect and a way to remind mouse, during those times, she's his property. So when he offered mouse permission to use her hands, as she pleasured him with her mouth mouse didn't waste any time. Touching and caressing, as she became lost in the worship of his body. It was a treat for her. A rare one.

Later, days later even, mouse has find her mind pouring over the significance of that moment and the pleasure she found in using her fingers to explore him. Tracing with her fingers the form of his body, feeling his firm stomach, touching every part of his chest. The muscles and the way he laughed when she stumbled upon a ticklish spot. A strong urge to drink him in.

It's been days since then, already mouse is hungry to touch him again, maybe the act of being told "no" is part of that package? Daddy has taken to binding mouse while in his study when he's reasonably certain we'll not be disturbed and mouse is expected to sit quietly, as his hands explore, pinch and often twist her and it's so difficult to not want to cry out or shout how unfair he's being. Yet, after, with mouse feeling exhausted and mentally vacant, she can no longer think of her hands. Somehow she feels sated.


  1. Is there any kinky thing that you would like to try or experience that he has no interest in?

    Is there anything he just loves that you wish he'd forget about entirely?

    Ps. I love that picture. It is often what I imagine if I form a mental image of D/s.

  2. The no touching rule would be something i would find difficult, im ok with it if im cuffed and cant touch but otherwise i like touching.


    You have been together many years now, blogged for many years about some of your highs and lows, and im sure there are many more that we are not privy to....has there been a time when you have wrote a post, but Omega has not allowed it to be published? im assuming he reads them before they are published?

    and another one lol

    what strengths in any form, do you feel that slavery has given you? that perhaps you wasnt sure you had etc....does that make sense?


  3. I too would have a difficult time with the no touch rule. We went so long without touching and being intimate that today touch is very important. Of course it's whatever works for your relationship, that's all that counts. :-)

  4. I was just thinking about human touch the other day and how difficult it is when we go without human touch for long periods of time.
    I think, and I can only speak for myself, I start to feel lost, my body unsettled. And then when there is touch after a long time, it almost hurts to have someone touch me.
    I'm thoroughly confused by this.

  5. I know of course you and Omega want your privacy so no photos, I understand. But I've always been curious as to what you both look like! Are their any celebrities that you two look like?


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