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Friday, March 6, 2015

All that You See...

Good morning friends, our oddly mild temperatures seem to persist, but the nights remain quite chilly often dipping just at or below freezing. This morning, mouse concocted a blend of coffee, using some Stumptown French roast with a Peets Sumatran, the verdict is out if Daddy prefers it over his usual blend. Tori asked a question that fits the theme of the day. It will be covered at the end of the post.

Last night, in his study at the appointed time, mouse learned that she made it through another week without a demerit. Honestly, when he told her, she fell to her knees and kissed his shoes, overwhelmed, embolden and encouraged that she finally gets what he expects of her. Still he misses the idea of her being marked, so he took out a blindfold and plunged mouse into darkness. Then he called her to him and watched as she crawled following only the sound of his voice.

He delivered a few basic but good swats to her backside, the only indication was the sound of rushing air, followed by the sound and sting of the lash. Before too long, mouse was lost in her own heady space. Not recalling when her clothing was removed or when her breasts were marked, but just vaguely aware of the sensations. Whimpers, begging for relief, begging for more of whatever he had.

Eventually Daddy removed the blindfold, and it was as though she couid really see. Ok -- that sounds blonde. But the sensation was that she noticed more about her all too familiar surroundings. So much so it almost was distracting. Was his chair always that leathery shade of brown? Honesty when mouse thinks of it, it always seems much darker to her.

Sometimes mouse after she pleasures Daddy orally, she'll linger and just look at his cock, her eyes studying the strong vein that runs the length, the shape of its head, mushrooming out. it's pretty (not at all a word he'd use). Like a piece of artwork to mouse and something worthy of worship.

Lastly, Tori asked about "has there been a time when you have wrote a post, but Omega has not allowed it to be published? I'm assuming he reads them before they are published?"

Yes! It's happened a few times, once a post was removed all together, which probably got the whole reading before they're published thing started. It was pretty early on. The biggest problem is that mouse has a tendency to "overshare" and delve into areas Daddy feels are either too personal, identifying or off topic to the blog. It's rare that he'll say. "don't publish this" or delete it. Sometimes he'll redact a line or two or at worst he'll ask mouse to rewrite something. Now, he doesn't care at all how much detail mouse goes into about the things we do in our relationship. The scenes, punishments, arguments, relationship stuff or sex is perfectly fine. It's the other stuff he sometimes has an issue with. It's hard at times because mouse likes to share lots of things (which is why one blog isn't enough).

Yeah, how can anything mouse writes about be "off topic?" Well there are subjects that mouse could write or voice her opinion of, but Daddy feels they have zero to do with how we live. Religion probably falls into this category. While mouse unashamed of her atheism, it's also not something she advertises -- it's not stamped on her forehead. It also makes no difference in how we live our lives. All this is about what the reader sees, or doesn't.

Her other question will be answered another time soonish.


  1. Way to go on another week mouse, you must be feeling well pleased with yourself as well as Omega being proud im sure.

    umm sometimes im finding that being good can be quite a challenge lol

    Thank you for answering my question, it is perhaps sometimes difficult to see as one is writing that we might perhaps be exposing more than is intended, not that this is an issue as such but more of revealing information that could compromise privacy.

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  2. ok, im back because, that sounds bad, when i said about being good being a challenge....because i do want to be good, but sometimes i have to bite my tongue in some situations, like the rant post i did, within an hour i got a lecture about behaving in a more appropriate manner...bitchiness is not an appealing trait!


  3. Hi mouse, this is a question I asked kaya; is there any advice you would give to a novice slave such as I and is there anything you would do differently if you were starting over?

  4. Good job on another week, mouse!

  5. Hi Mouse, oversharing can be a problem as you can never be too careful about who is lurking. I love your writing and the stories you share with us.


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