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Monday, March 9, 2015

All that You Taste...

Good morning friends, this morning mouse woke a little earlier than usual and decided to make poached eggs and turkey sausage. Have to admit the eggs were perfect, nice fluffy white and the yolk was just perfectly thick, but slightly runny. Daddy, regardless of the type of eggs, automatically reaches for the hot sauce.

Taste is important, isn't it? There are times mouse just craves the salty taste of him, to just lick, sometimes playfully but to explore with her mouth. They say we eat first with our eyes but the taste is still every bit as important. Recently mouse met a friend for coffee and this friend mentioned very lightly that she didn't like giving her husband oral. Honestly, mouse cannot recall how that subject came up, but the friend remarked that she didn't like his taste and the indication was this was exclusive to her husband.

Really the conversation went no further than that, but it's something mouse has read more than once and perhaps diet can affect the taste or flavors of it. Daddy's is always a bit sweet tasting, with a slight sour and somewhat salty quality that's really pleasant to mouse. But that might be due to his strict diet, that eschews all foods that are fun and naughty. Yes, mouse has tasted herself, on her fingers more than once, and found her own taste to be ok. Daddy has no complaints. Maybe this is odd, but the times mouse has cleaned off his cock after sex with her mouth, she's found we both tasted pretty good together.

However, looking back on her sexual past before Daddy there were a few guys that she can recall just tasted terrible. One in particular she avoided sucking but mouse was a lot younger than and not very used to oral, but still had that been her only experience, she might not have wanted to try again. Really, it's something you learn and really must be taught by the guy your pleasuring. They need to give you feedback. More tongue, less swirling or whatever. Some men love the feeling of teeth, lightly raked over them (Daddy does), but other's just freak out.

More often than not, Daddy forbids mouse to use her hands, to assist her when she pleasures him. Sometimes he'll instruct her to hold still with his cock in her mouth and, then tell her to resume. It's control thing that really it gets mouse off -- can't explain it any other way. It increases her own level of excitement.

Few things though compare to her moment of pleasure as when he finally orgasms, and it feels like that just it never stops, long spurt after spurt with his hands holding her fast. It's not just knowing she's brought him pleasure, it's so much more than just that. It's brings mouse pleasure that often goes far beyond words.


  1. Each man DOES taste different, but I think they all have a similar undertone of a taste (did that even make sense? Lol). I don't even know how to describe it, but if I had to choose one word, it would be....tangy?

    Great post as always, mouse. I'm so glad you can openly discuss topics like this.

  2. Yes taste is a acquired thing :-)


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