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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

All You Feel...

Good morning friends, as always the coffee is hot, but while we're on the subject of coffee, has anyone ever added coconut oil to their coffee?  A friend mentioned it recently and mouse found it odd.   Wouldn't it make the coffee seem greasy?   Also, a reminder we've opened our doors to March Q&A month, so keep the questions coming.  We've already received some very good ones, and they'll be answered in no particular order.  This one for today, we sort of wrote together.
ancilla_ksst asked recently a two-part question ties in nicely with the subject today.   Physical and emotional feeling because both are very intricate in that thing we do.  She asked, "Is there any kinky thing that you would like to try or experience that he has no interest in? Is there anything he just loves that you wish he'd forget about entirely?" 
This was one of those things, mouse had to think about.  Was there anything that mouse wished we'd do that Daddy doesn't have an interest in?  Honestly mouse was hard pressed to come up with much in that regard.  He's pretty open to just about anything kink related.  Now the part about things he loves that mouse wishes he'd forget....well yes.  First being that oil she mistakenly purchased thinking it was regular lube and the meat tenderizer better known in kink circles as the Wartenberg Wheel.  The lube, well that shit is just evil.  The wheel is ranks right up there with it all.

Feelings are pesky things that we often try not to think much about.  Things that make us uncomfortable or we suspect would make us feel uncomfortable, sometimes turn out to be exciting.  At one time, she used to be fearful when he'd take out the violet wand during play or for punishment, but the inner painslut mouse is couldn't deny how much she loved it.  Perhaps that's something mouse didn't think about when she started this post.  The hard play is something she sometimes misses, but understands why Daddy refuses to go there.  He's perfectly capable of making mouse suffer, cry, beg without the bells and whistles anyway but there was something about our basement play area.  The seclusion perhaps.  The feelings of being completely without of any choice other than surrender to whatever he wished.

There are times where mouse misses the kennel even.  Daddy is in control and takes the whole responsibility thing very seriously.  While we often discuss subspace in these circles, there is such a thing as Dom-space as well.  After an intense scene, Daddy often liked the fact that mouse preferred to be left alone to sleep in the kennel.  He could go about his business of tidying up, cleaning whatever, and maybe write some thoughts down in the journal he's never far from -- he often said they would help clear his head.  He had to balance his need or thirst for Sadism, with what was truly in the best interest for mouse, not just that one time, but all times.  No matter how much she might, in the darker recesses of her thoughts, miss those times, it's probably for the best that he's in control of that.


  1. Im very boring when it comes to my coffee, i dont like any flavouring at all.

    Im with you on the Wartenberg wheel, i thought it rather nice at first when he first used it on me, then another time he ran it over some welts and cuts on my back, and i changed my mind rather quickly, i could quite happily see it go missing!

    But then like you said, sometimes the things that make us uncomfortable, or indeed things that we fear, turn out to be exciting, for me it was needles, i swore no way was i having anything to do with there up there as one of my most favourite things.

    As an add on to this..a question

    Has there been anything that you once was of the mind "no way, not doing that, just no interest at all" but since trying it, have grown to love it?


  2. OK, for my question, we have to go to perfect world, la-la land where wishes ARE fishes and money is no object...
    You're about to open a business. (one or both of you)
    What is it and what will you name it?


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