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Friday, March 27, 2015

All that You Buy, Beg, Borrow or Steal

Good morning friends, sorry about Wednesday, but today there are some warm biscuits, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon (which really should be banned from all existence, just saying), fresh squeezed orange juice and of course plenty of hot coffee.  Our weather today is rather cool and rainy -- think we had nicer, warmer weather over the winter than we do now.  Last night Daddy truly surprised mouse by taking her out to dinner to celebrate another week of no punishment.  This morning, quite early he tortured mouse a little by adding some new clover clamps he purchased recently.  

We have several pairs, some quite old, and not as strong as the newer ones.  These were ouch, just plain ouch to mouse, but when he began striking mouse's bottom with his hand, and later the leather strap, mouse settled into the rhythm of the pain and pleasure quite nicely.  All was fine until he had mouse sucking him while the clamps were still on.  The endless tug of the chain, and rhythmic bounce made mouse nearly orgasm but it also made her very distracted.  

Daddy liked it.  

Soon mouse was begging for an orgasm and being told to wait made her pouty with him.  Eventually he relented and allowed mouse.  It was huge feeling her insidey places ripple and contract.  Sometimes he'll say that of course mouse can orgasm but if she does he'll punish her.  "Oh please Daddy."  

Stealing orgasms is something fun, if not a bit dangerous in that very nice way.   But at the same time, it's nice to know that the biggest punishment she'll be facing is the one that's nearly pretend and meant to be playful.  


  1. I have never tried turkey bacon, im not actually sure i have even seen it!

    Congtats on another week, im doing well too, although i came very close the other week, he doesnt appreciate my sarcasm!

    Have a lovely weekend mouse, all of you :)


    1. Turkey bacon is just ugh. Won't be buying it ever again -- it's supposed to be healthy, because it's turkey....blah. It feels really good to finally get it. :)

    2. hiya mouse :),
      i buy reduced sodium bacon for Sir Raven. It has less sodium and fat than turkey bacon. It cooks a bit faster but still tastes like bacon.

  2. Congratulations on another week Mouse! How wonderful that he took you to dinner to celebrate and a wonderful start to the following day :)



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