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Monday, March 30, 2015

All You Create

Good morning friends, is it really the last week in March already? We've all been so busy the last several days and it won't let up for a while. But we are doing really well despite it all. Daddy would say our ships are sailing in the same direction. Very early on this month Tori asked:

"what strengths in any form, do you feel that slavery has given you? that perhaps you wasnt sure you had etc."

This question had mouse pondering so much, because there are so many things she couid say -- too many to list. The biggest thing is the strength mouse found in just trusting Daddy. It's impossible explain how safe it makes mouse feel to know that he's behind her. Always. It takes a lot of courage to trust so completely, a lot of inner strength to feel confident that the other person can handle and deserves that level of control.

After so many years of dysfunction, to be in this place where she feels very confident is just amazing, yet still being bereft of choices or options, unless Daddy decides mouse should have those. This has been amazing for mouse to learn that she doesn't need to control things. But to really trust his judgement. We work hard at our relationship. It's not for everyone -- but for us we've created something wonderful.


Roz said...

Hi Mouse, I love your answer. To develop that level of trust is awesome, and definitely not easy.


tori said...

I liked very much what you said about confidence, thats something i personally struggle with, i shouldnt but i just perhaps comes with time.

I still care too much about what people think.....i really wish i didnt, its just well i do wonder about the perceptions people have of us, what i write etc

thank you mouse


Anonymous said...

What I have learned is to trust, however it also taught me to follow my gut feeling when I distrust. But learning to trust, also taught me to open up. Both made me build up confidence. Strangely confidence came when friends helped me on my feet again after my trust was betrayed. It showed me I have to be far more careful with who I am and how I should start trusting and again follow my own gut feeling.
I hope this make some sense.

thanks for this post