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Monday, March 23, 2015

All That You Give

Good morning friends, it's very much an eat and run morning around here, and our weekend was hellishly busy.  Daddy and mouse were two ships sailing in opposite directions.  He had plans to help out a friend and mouse was busy with other things.  We'd meet, exhausted in our bedroom and our only connection to who we were, was when mouse kneeled at his feet and begged permission to enter the bed.  That was when we were reminded that we are so much than a husband or wife.  

Breakfast this morning is just a little cold pizza and hot coffee, Daddy smirked when he saw it and said it reminded him on his college days, except the coffee is better.  Honestly, mouse has been working hard to be pleasing and it's really paying off in ways mouse never expected.  The house doesn't feel so frantic.  Daddy as always sets the tone but even he feels different to mouse.  Each night he reminds mouse how proud he is of her for really embracing her expectations and making them really work.  Sure, she'll sometimes still leave things off her shopping list but now she'll text him and ask him what she should do instead of assuming what he'll say.  That in return, makes her want to be better at making the list to begin with.  

We give each other, mouse thinks, so much and as our connection deepens (due to mouse really following the expectations), it makes us both want to do more.  Daddy is more careful about giving mouse time with her friends on occasion, and really does make her want to do more for him.  Anything that can lessen his load.  

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  1. Ooh, I love the pic Mouse! lol. What a lovely post. I'm glad you two are in such a good place. Congratulations on the expectations :)



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