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Friday, March 20, 2015

All You Save

Good Morning friends our weather has been oddly nice, and it's finally officially spring! We have plenty of coffee and some muffins mouse made yesterday. Orange spice -- yes it's more of a winter recipe, but mouse has it earmarked. Also, we made it through another week, Daddy is extremely proud of mouse! Really mouse had a headsup when on Wednesday evening Daddy wanted to play.

Really mouse has a box, it's not physical more mental of everything that's happened. All the wonderful, the good, the bad and awful are stored in there. Each probably has its own box, within the box. Daddy has worked very hard to get mouse to open the boxes that holds the awful stuff and just let it go. Once mouse gets comfortable with the open box it's not so scary and it's time to open a new one.

There's another box mouse has. A box filled with silly "treasures" that no one but she would understand. A matchbook from the restaurant from a first date with a boy long forgotten. It sits alongside every single note, letter, and scrap of paper Daddy has ever written to mouse. Even shopping lists where he scrawled the healthful foods mouse should buy from the first weekend when he moved in.

This Question comes from Jz, who asked:

OK, for my question, we have to go to perfect world, la-la land where wishes ARE fishes and money is no object...You're about to open a business. (one or both of you)

What is it and what will you name it?

Oh there's so many things mouse would love, but since money is no object she'd love to open a restaurant. Very nice, romantic like with an excellent menu, and world class chef. However a trip in a secret, hidden elevator and you'd find yourself in a speakeasy, best booze, plush seats, live jazz (for Daddy). The Speakeasy part would definitely be called The Mouse Hole.

Not sure what the restaurant should be called though. Thoughts?



  1. smiling. always thought of something similar such as a supper club that does that too, live music, maybe 20s-40s, just a little space for dancing. a long old bar as well. even decorated it in my mind, something swanky. ;)

  2. Good job on another week! It's finally spring, but snowing by me :( (in NJ) Have a great weekend!

  3. Congratulations on another week Mouse. That's awesome :) Love your restaurant and club idea!



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