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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

All You Distrust

Good morning friends, this morning we've got lots of hot coffee and mouse has a cake in the oven already, because nothing says we're half way through the week like cake! Yesterday was St Patricks Day. So mouse is planning some corned beef hash for breakfast.

There is so very much mouse could say about distrust, there have been times even our marriage, when mouse didn't trust Daddy. Now the distrust was mostly because of other people. People, well meaning or otherwise who would whisper something to mouse and set off a range of insecurities. Sometimes mouse didn't trust he could help her. There were times she didn't even trust him when he said she needed help.

Eventually, through his patience mouse did learn to trust Daddy in everything. He's always had mouse's back. It always reminds mouse that through all the bad something wonderful emerged.

Without trust there cannot be love, and certainly not a power exchange.


As always you've been right behind mouse and so often she forgets this. Maybe not recently but in the past. You're really the best thing that's ever happened to mouse. Sometimes mouse feels so inadequate to express how grateful she is. Thank you!



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  1. This is so lovely. Trust is so important in any relationship.



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