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Monday, March 16, 2015

All that You Hate

Good morning friends, the pickings around here are slim this morning as it's a big rush to begin the day. Fresh fruit, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs are on the list of breakfast offerings. Naturally the coffee is hot -- thankfully even if the breakfast is cold. Our weekend was really nice, despite the weather not cooperating, we still enjoyed it. On Saturday Daddy treated mouse to an evening out that included a lovely dinner she didn't have to cook and cloth napkins she didn't have to wash. Yes, it's the little things in life.


That said the first day of the week (usually Monday) is just awful isn't it? Weekends to make the most of the time off, we tend to stay up too late and Monday just feels like a train wreck. Really can't think of anything mouse hates more than a return to the work-week Monday.


  1. Always nice to have an evening out, dinner out being a bonus, was it mothering Sunday over in the US, it was here for us?

    Mondays i dont mind, its Wednesdays i hate, but thats only because the bossman is working away at the moment leaving then and back Friday evenings

    How about planning something for a Monday, just a little something, to look forward to?


  2. Oh Mouse, its nice not to be alone with the dread of Mondays. We stay up late on Sundays too.
    Evenings out...ahhh.....a distant memory.
    It is lovely that you were treated :-)

  3. Hi Mouse, glad you had a lovely night out on Saturday. I love going out to dinner with my man :) I am totally with you, Monday is such a drag.


  4. Now I've got Boomtown Rats Don't Like Mondays stuck in my head... , although I personally don't go for Tuesdays, it's the day without purpose.

  5. Mouse,

    Lovely that you went out to dinner.

    It's Thursday for me, not sure why.



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