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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Like a Little Girl

Good morning friends, our weather has been nice, which is completely unusual and it's been a very welcomed change. It makes mouse feel lighter and happy. It also encourages her to delve into corners and clean away the cobwebs. Daddy enjoyed very much our weekend time alone. He remarked about it more than once. It really made mouse happy that he was so pleased.

Monday he surprised mouse by calling her to his study and said he wanted to discuss something with her. He explained that he's noticed a few things recently -- that aren't bad, but observations. He referred to his notes. We've often struggled with if maintenance spankings really made a long-term difference. Daddy being all about data decided to go back over his notes. While it had little effect on punishments, it did create sense of vulnerability in mouse. Like the corset, showering with him, only he washing her body all had an effect on mouse. We still shower together, the corset is still part of lives, although its not worn daily. Maintenance spankings however are more an ebb and flow thing. Sometimes he's too busy or feels rushed to do it properly and again, we were never sure if they really helped long-term.

Daddy noticed that when mouse was calmer, the house ran better (the idea of a happy wife equals happy family). He likes the vulnerable mouse to come out more. The one that cries at happy things and becomes shy when she's aroused. The mouse who's completely unafraid to go to him with an issue no matter how trivial.

Now, it should be said or explained that mouse isn't afraid to bother Daddy with a problem. There are times she doesn't share with him things, but that's more because why bother him? He's not Tony Stark, he can't fix everything. Someone cuts her off on the road, it's annoying, but she's not going to run to him to tell him all about it. No, she'll cuss like a sailor out her window and honk her horn.

Not exactly the picture of feminity is it?

What his data did show was that with daily maintenance mouse calmed, reported less yelling at drivers (which is true) and less flappable. Things just didn't bother her and they certainly didn't fester. That led to a calmer, happier mouse and a calmer, happier, better run home.

It never does, nor does it mean to, take away all her stresses, because nothing will take away the stress of getting the house ready on a Friday afternoon for the weekend. But once the candles are lit, good, bad or whatever, it's over and the stress is gone.

Guess what maintenance did do was let mouse cope better. Recently, some craft glitter was spilled all over the floor and table. Honestly, mouse probably spent more time yelling and ranting about it than it actually took to clean up. Glitter is awful and the ranting was justified, but in retrospect...

He doesn't need to every little thing that happens or goes wrong throughout each day, but then again, mouse becomes used to not sharing that with him, and begins to not share other things. The emotional mouse vanishes and while she's always open to him sexually, he notices a difference in how much more open she is when she does allow herself to become vulnerable. When that need to be inside him drives her and makes her cry. When the desire to please him makes her crazy and when she does she cries.

Daddy wants her tears. The happy ones, the frightened ones, the sad ones; he really wants them all. It makes us stronger and more connected as a couple. He doesn't want a bratty slave, who pouts and endlessly complains.

He admitted this is all his fault. He hadn't paid enough attention to the details. Winter months -- all the holidays, work and family all take their own toll on him too. He let mouse drift too far from him and was more or less just comfortable with how things were going. It wasn't until this weekend, he realized suddenly how far we have drifted. How much mouse has hid from him and not in bad way -- again we were both more or less just drifting along.

We talked for a long time, too long probably, mouse did become defensive in the beginning, he wasn't attacking mouse or laying blame but she felt she needed to validate why. The whole time he held mouse's hands. Calming, reassuring her. The tears fell before she was over his knee, before he coo'd softly into her ear that she needed this badly. The emotional damn burst wide, with many thank you's from mouse.

Tuesday morning, Daddy told mouse to lift her arms for the corset. Now, this caught mouse off guard since she anticipated being told to exercise. He had mouse bend over the countertop and slipped in the plug, saying it should be fine to leave it for the day. He then took out a butcher twine, and threaded through the nipple rings, pulling them together just a little and tied the ends. Then he stood back to admire his handiwork. It made the rings jut out.

Running errands was interesting to say the least and to suggest that mouse felt extremely self conscious is really putting it mildly. The weather was warm, so the top she wore offered no sense of protection, her nipples stood very erect all day and the rings...well you could totally see them as well. The string added to the effect oddly. Added to that she just about died putting on the seatbelt and quickly realized her movements were restircted by the tugging that felt strangely comforting. The plug in her bottom provided her with that swimmy-head feeling. It's doubtful anyone noticed anyway.

Well, the butcher noticed -- that much mouse is certain. Daddy laughed when she recounted the story. After placing the order over the phone, mouse drove over around lunch time. We are good, regular customers, so the butcher bills us once a month and mouse calls ahead with the order to avoid extras, although he'll often tell mouse about specials he's running. He was helping someone else when mouse walked in. He stared -- which was embarrassing to mouse. He stopped and carried the box to the car and put it into the trunk. His eyes never left her chest.

Daddy instructed mouse to remove the string when she was finished with her errands and house chores. Gladly she complied. The plug, he said should remain in place.

"How did that make you feel mouse, being objectified like that?"

"Humiliated and sexy, Daddy."

"I understand."

We talked a little longer about the chores and other things. Then he said for mouse to go upstairs, wash her face, brush her teeth and undress. He quickly added he'd be up soon to remove the corset. He was behind her when she finished brushing her teeth. Almost nude except for the corset and plug, his hands and fingers wandered. He moved her forward and tugged on the plug, pulling it out and then pushed it back in several times, before removing it completely. He told mouse to wash it, while he continued to finger her bottom, then he entered her there, while his fingers tugged on the nipple rings and mouse turned to goo. After cleaning him (and herself) mouse was led to the chaise and bent over his knee. He started slowly, and built the momentum, with some firm slaps to her bottom. In time it was hurting, and he actually did it harder when he heard sniffles. Eventually tears spilled. Having had such a great cry Monday, mouse was shocked at hard she cried.

When it was over, Daddy held her for the longest time. He put her to bed, and whispered in her ear, he would be binding her wrists together. The sleep she had was amazing.

Wish this morning had gone nearly as well.



sub hub in phx said...

What a wonderful description of a great day. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing long posts from you, mouse! Thank you.

little monkey said...

I'm so glad for you that the data bore out. :)

David used ask me the same question, "How did that make you feel?", and reply to my answer with "I understand". I knew he did, too, as O does. It's very comforting isn't it?

mostly mouse said...

Yes, it can be.

Once not too long ago Omega asked a question and mouse replied. He responded with something rather lengthy. Honestly mouse was astonished by this.

Eventually he noticed that mouse seemed surprised by something so he asked about what it was.

"Just expected the usual reply Sir" mouse said sweetly.

Omega, not missing a beat, "Ah, what I was thinking? I understand."


mostly mouse said...

No problem :)

mostly mouse said...

Finally have something worth writing about. :P