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Friday, April 24, 2015


Good Morning friends, we've got some yummy mushroom omelets, fresh fruit and lots of hot coffee. Our weather has again turned, not terribly cold, but not nearly as warm. Wednesday morning mouse noticed something strange and can she say she hates it when things don't work like they should or used to? Figuring out the trouble and the solution took much more time than the task should have required. Breakfast was rushed, the day felt hurried.

Daddy had mouse in the plug again all day which just gave her that comforting thing, to mouse it's really an ass binky. Without being aware of it, mouse will often tighten her ass around it, sort of like a baby sucks on a pacifier. By midday however,it began annoying mouse and actually contemplated sending Daddy a text. The distraction, the disjointed thoughts came to the surface and mouse went to the bathroom to just cry. Then she did send him a text -- saying she had a little meltdown, a good cry and felt better. Not sure why she bothered with that -- perhaps part of her hoped he would take pity on her and allow her to remove the plug?

Of course he had no way of knowing the plug was an issue. He replied that he understood and that he knew it must be difficult to feel so invaded. It might be worth mentioning that while mouse is very used to wearing a plug, wearing it all day is rather new to her. Daddy slides it into place, and he removes it. He mentioned he would rather mouse not handle it at all -- except to clean it.

Two more mini-meltdowns occurred later -- emotions just bubbling to the surface. While cooking dinner however, it did occur to mouse that she did feel much calmer -- tears aside and it became more clear, she cried because she needed to. He came home from his day earlier than usual and looking a bit tired. He said he'd like to sit in the hot tub to relax a little. He asked mouse to follow him upstairs. He removed the plug, watched mouse use the bathroom as he changed out of his suit. Then he had mouse help him with swim trunks. When she kissed his dick, he told her that wasn't helping. He found the large plug, added a healthy dollop of lube to it, and told mouse to bend over. When she hesitated he gave her a short slap in the face and repeated the command to bend. He worked it into her, slowly as mouse cried.

Dinner, despite the distractions was actually on time, but really mouse felt teeny bit resentful about the plug issue. After mouse finished the nighttime stuff (kitchen, kids) and things were settling down Daddy said we were going upstairs. He took out a vibe and slid iit into mouse, the fullness of the plug end her cunt made her moan and it edged her quickly before he stopped. He fucked her ass, and groaned that she was perfectly opened. When he finished, mouse cleaned him. Then washed herself and the toys and left them on the counter to dry. Daddy pulled her back to the bed, spread her open and toyed with her using his fingers. He had her draw her knees up to her chest and delivered a few wicked slaps to her bottom.

He didn't allow mouse to dress but after we talked about her day, the tears and emotions. He knew or sensed it was plug related. He also admitted her corset was tightened a bit more than usual. Funny, but mouse hadn't noticed that. Shortly after he removed it, and called her to the chaise and began to paddle mouse's behind. Soon mouse was again in tears, and even to her surprise orgasmed. He had mouse ramped up and after she was really exhausted and felt the familiar fog settling around her. Again he bound her wrists and let her sleep.

Thursday morning her wrists were free, so mouse began her day as usual. Put on her bathrobe to go downstairs to start coffee, get breakfast organized before returning upstairs to wake Daddy. Morning oral is the high point of mouse's morning. Feeling his semi-soft cock awaken in her mouth is such a joy. He made no effort to stop or to take control of it. Occasionally, mouse would look up at him and the foggy feeling returned. After, Daddy gets up and starts the shower and mouse follows him, arms above her head, he soaps up her body and washes her, except her hair, which he leaves for her to do after he's done. He did tell her to shave her puss. After he always rubs some lotion on it, which makes mouse moan (he also inspects the area to make sure a good job is done). He did put the corset on her, but skipped the plug, in fact they were all gone in the morning.

After breakfast the house was quiet, mouse began a few chores and just kept moving through the day. Just as the previous day mouse found herself clearly overwhelmed more than once and went to the bathroom. Daddy said for mouse text him each time she felt like that, so she did. He didn't reply with much.

Dinner was uncomplicated and Daddy was home at the usual time.

Later Daddy called mouse into his study and had her undress. This had her a little nervous, because she was certain she earned a punishment. Yes and no, the only demerit was for hesitating that time. He explained that her body belonged to him. He felt the slap was enough but he wanted mouse think about that. He sent her to the corner. After a long time, we talked about it again, and mouse promised to try harder. He had mouse dress, and wait for him upstairs.

More thinking time, mouse assumed and did her bedtime rituals, and waited. He hadn't said to go to bed, so despite feeling very tired mouse waited. Much later he came up. He brushed his teeth, calling mouse to the chaise, where he spanked her until tears flowed again. After he held mouse, telling her he was really proud of her and that made her cry more. At last he cuffed her wrists and put her to bed.

This morning is more or less normal, except he had mouse enema, and the plug is back for the day. Daddy said he'll be home early.


  1. Funny, your weather is always the same as mine! (But your mornings are much more fascinating :-), though mine are deeply satisfying in their own way.) Good morning!

  2. My Sir keeps me plugged more and it has really helped with so much. During hard times I will request it almost needing it to pacify me. After punishment I am plugged and it used to be a part of my punishment but now it is a comfort.... I understand your feelings. Thank you for sharing


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